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Sketches by Naylor on display at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales

Cardiff café named best in Wales for cyclists

Cardiff based family

A pair of pastel drawings by the well known artist and sculptress Brenda Naylor, will be showcased at


Antiques Fair and Vintage Market at the National Botanic Garden of Wales on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th January. Brenda was an artist and sculptor inspired by the movement of the human form. She was known for her finely executed sculptures in bronze using the lost wax process. In the 1980’s she was given permission to sketch the Royal Ballet and she was able to capture the lithe grace of dancers including Rudolf Nureyev. Also showcased at the Antiques Fair and Vintage Market is an important collection of Wemyss ware. Helen and

Alistair Crawford who have a wealth of knowledge on the subject of Wemyss ware, their impressive


includes a rare gigantic tyg, a two handled drinking vessel decorated with cabbage roses and many other rare pieces. Derwen Fairs celebrates its 10th anniversary at this most prestigious of venues. A real jewel in the Welsh crown. It will be a double celebration in 2020, as it will be the National Botanic Garden of Wales' 20th anniversary since they opened their doors in the Millennium year. Te fair opens at 10am and closes at 4.30pm. Admission to the Garden and for the Antiques Weekend is just £5. Dogs are now welcome that weekend.

friendly café,

Pedal Power, is Wales’ top cycling café according to Cycling UK’s annual Cyclist Café of the Year awards. Based just off the Taff Trail close to Dogo Street, the café stood out among its competition not just for its healthy, home-cooked food and relaxed atmosphere, but also for the valuable role it plays in making

cycling as

inclusive as possible. While offering a range of conventional two wheeled bicycles, Pedal Power also makes available a range of specially adapted bikes, trikes and tandems suitable for riders of all ages and abilities. Out of the many favourite refreshment stops chosen by Wales’ cyclists, Pedal Power, stood out as the clear winner for Cycling UK’s judges, which included Celebrity Masterchef winner, Angellica Bell.

Angellica Bell said: “Pedal Power is more than just a café, it’s linked to a charity which enables people of all ages and abilities to experience the benefits of cycling. By visiting you’re supporting the fantastic work they do.” Pedal Power’s on-site workshop means there’s always a pump or

an inner

tube to hand in case your bike needs a bit of TLC and, all profits go towards supporting the award-winning cycling charity which empowers those least likely to cycle to get on a bike. Te café is wheelchair friendly and encourages customers and carers to use the space as a meeting place which has led to the café also winning the Silver Carer Friendly Award from the Carers’ Trust. Singalongs, exhibitions of local artists and a peaceful setting in the park all add to the café’s charms beyond their excellent coffee and cake.

Miners Pension Compensation

We are successfully claiming compensation for former Welsh miners who transferred out of the Mineworkers Pension Scheme.

Many Welsh miners were advised to transfer out of their British coal pension scheme to a private scheme which paid considerably less! This was bad advice and many retired miners or there widows have lost out.


• British Rail • British Gas • Civil Service • Local Government • Dockers • Armed Forces • Private Companies • Electricity Board • Teachers

was getting a much lower pension than her friends who stayed with the Government Pension. Compensation - £62,143.

STANDARD LIFE to transfer her pension to them. When she retired she realised she

GOVERNMENT in CARDIFF. In 1991 she was persuaded by a sales agent of

Example 1 - £62,000 Mrs N. worked for the LOCAL

Example 2 - £87,000

Mr G. from SWANSEA was in the ARMED FORCES. In 1989 he was persuaded by a sales agent of SCOTTISH AMICABLE

better pension. His pension was actually much less than the Army Pension. Compensation £38,724.

In the 1980’s and 90’s many people were persuaded by sales agents to transfer OUT of their work pension on the promise of a better return, however this was not true.

If you know a coal miner or someone else this might apply to, please make them aware of this information.

(now the Prudential) to transfer his Army Pension to them. He was promised a

Name Address


I transferred out of the mineworkers pension to Please can I have a Free Review to see if I am eligible for a payout Signed


Please address to: Miners Pension Compensation Dept, Corries Solicitors Ltd, 11 Melroses Yard, Walmgate, York, YO1 9XF.

Miners Pension Compensation is a trading name of Corries Solicitors Ltd, Melroses Yard, Walmgate, York YO1 9XF. Regulated by Solicitors Regulation Authority no. 424101.

Cardiff & South Wales Advertiser - Friday 20th December 2019 - 13 Example 1 - £87,000

an agent of the PRUDENTIAL to transfer out of the miners pension. When he retired he noticed his pension wasn’t as much as his friends who stayed in the miners scheme. Compensation £87,649.

PENALTA. After the pit closed in 1991 he was advised by a sales agent of the PRUDENTIAL to transfer out of the miners pension. This was not

Example 3 - £103,000 Mr J. from CAERPHILLY worked at

good advice, he lost out as a result. Compensation - £103,759.

If you transferred out of work pension scheme and would like a FREE REVIEW, please either call us on FREEPHONE:

Mr C. from RISCA worked at CWM. After the pit closed in 1986 he was advised by

Example 2 - £48,000

Mr W. from PONTYPRIDD worked at MERTHYR VALE. After the pit closed in 1989 he was

advised by an independent financial advisor to transfer his miners pension to SCOTTISH LIFE (now Royal London). Even though the financial advisors were no longer in business he received compensation of £48,000.

Example 4 - £112,000

Phoenix Life) to transfer his miners pension to them. He noticed his pension wasn’t as much as his friends who stayed in the British Coal Scheme. Compensation - £112,638.

Mr H. from PORTH worked at ABERCYNON. After the pit closed in 1988 he was advised by an agent of PEARL ASSURANCE (now

0800 988 7997 or return the form below

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