CLUES ACROSS 7 Time coming (6) 8 To resume (6) 9 Snow slide (3) 10 Skin inside out (5) 11 Sharp fixer (3) 14 Examine closely (5) 15 Sure thing (4, 3) 17 Very small (7) 19 Jester (5) 22 Tease (3) 23 Tableware (5) 24 Base (3) 27 Marvellous (6) 28 Country house (6)

CLUES DOWN 1 Pleasure (6) 2 Fruit kernel (3) 3 Cheesed off (3, 2) 4 Small carrying sack (7)

5 Exercise hall (3) 6 Spitefulness (6) 12 Confess (5) 13 Mount (3, 2) 16 Leaping marsupial (7)

18 Disgustingly unpleasant (6)

20 Sufficient (6) 21 Platform (5) 25 Jelled (3) 26 Odd whim (3)

ARIES (March 21st to April 19th) If you feel you have a right to expect more civility from your loved one, you are right of course. It is the very nature of close relationships however that a certain amount of stress is played off against those nearest to us. This is in essence what is happening to you and in itself it is unimportant. What is important though is your attitude and reaction to the situation. If you are wise you will ignore it all and wait for the storm to pass. If you are foolish you will get upon your high horse, show extreme irritation and risk the unthinkable, a permanent rift in a precious relationship.

TAURUS (April 20th to May 20th)

The frustration you feel just now is symptomatic of your tremendous desire to organise things about you. If you find others don’t wish to be organised it could be unwise to insist. Why not direct your obvious creative abilities into a more productive channel? There is a proposition you found attractive not so very long ago and the time has probably come to take it up. A change in environment is signalled, though it should not be on a permanent basis. If personal belongings go astray in a strange place, look carefully in the least obvious location.

GEMINI (May 21st to June 21st) You have the opportunity but little taste for a challenge just now. This is unfortunate because the chance may not re- present itself. You really must force yourself into precipitate action and by so doing, hold yourself in readiness for a call to even greater tests. Gastric problems could become a problem this month especially toward the last week. Watch your diet and carry some settling agent about with you. What you must not do is appear unprepared for any eventually, even your unexpected maladies. The affairs of animals seem important too just now, so if you have a pet, take extra care of it.

CANCER (June 22nd to July 22nd) Your constant insistence that others are totally honest and open with you is quite unreasonable. You must surely be aware that everyone keeps a small proportion of the truth to themselves. This is after all a manifestation of our individuality. You are no exception to this and you too have your secrets. Rather than invite conflicts over possessions and financial arrangements, why not settle for the middle path of compromise? Nothing you do now can alter what is ultimately to happen, so having arrived at this turning point in your life, you should gracefully submit and accept the bounty fate offers.

Horoscope LIBRA (September 23rd to October 23rd)

Financial obligations are dominant in your life this month and some sort of business transaction could be the cause of the severance of a partnership. Do consider your future before you burn your boats irrevocably, you might be in need of the support of an old acquaintance sooner than you think. In the matter of health, your judgement is badly impaired. You will be worrying over the insignificant and ignoring the obvious. Do take professional advice before you start to medicate yourself, you could well be very surprised. Socially it will be a happy time with few complications to cloud the issues.

SCORPIO (October 24th to November 22nd) Anyone in your circle who imagines you will fade docilely into the background, is sadly misreading the situation. Nor should you behave so, just because it is expected. You must assert yourself now, regardless of the outcome because only you can possibly guard your interests successfully. The time has come too for you to receive greater recognition for your creative abilities, beware however of allowing others to promote your interests in this direction. You will encounter rather more jealous obstruction than you are prepared for and trusting the untrustworthy could cost you much self and external esteem.

By Quinn

LEO (July 23rd to August 22nd) Your planetary configuration around the middle of the month promises to leave you in no doubt about what actions you should take to strengthen and enhance your position both socially and in the matter of occupation. Emotionally it is a confusing month and there is no simple way to estimate the response and reactions of loved ones to your plans. The indications are that your present connections will be altered completely and it could be a waste of time and effort to attempt to keep them intact. Take care in friendships of long standing if you wish them to remain unsullied.

VIRGO (August 23rd to September 22nd) You have a lot of loose energy this month and you are becoming heavily committed to plans and schemes that will cause a major upheaval in your way of life. The one dearest to your heart is going to be even more expensive than usual and the best course, in your own defence, would be to refuse to further finance pipe dreams of the sort you have been bombarded with lately. Whatever you do, you must not surrender your independence. A relationship that makes no provision for this is an empty and worthless one. You should not need instructions on how to proceed in such a circumstance.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd to December 21st) The balance of authority in your circle has shifted radically and you can no longer expect the sort of loyalty you once relied upon. You must decide your course both emotionally and socially before you settle to any of the arrangements that have been made for you by a third party. If you feel you can go it alone, there is no reason why you should not. Conversely, a decision to depend on someone close could be just as conducive to your emotional health. If you wish to find true fulfilment this month, your best course would be to concentrate on those less fortunate than yourself. Charity performed in good heart never harmed anyone.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd to January 20th) You may be prepared to a time of serenity and calmness, which under the circumstances is rather unexpected. Life however has an extraordinary way of compensating us all for the knocks it deals us occasionally though you may feel fate has been unjust. You may be slightly accident-prone this month, nothing too drastic but irritating none the less. Perhaps the time has come to take a little extra insurance out so at least you will be materially compensated? Spiritual rewards are all very well, they do lack a certain substance.

AQUARIUS (January 21st to February 19th) It may come as a surprise to you to learn that two of those dearest to you are about to go, figuratively speaking, for each other’s throats. This is basically your fault because you have been somewhat arbitrary in your attentions to the pair concerned. If you don’t want to become involved in a major family rift, you must take immediate action to bring the individuals happily together again. As soon as you receive news of a financial nature, take the problem to an expert. Someone may have been trying to pull the wool over your eyes, maybe not, either way you should know, if only for your peace of mind.

PISCES (February 20th to March 20th) You will feel much in harmony with those about you. You will even grow closer to someone you have previously had no feeling of any nature for. Why not relax and enjoy it all? Could it be you feel guilty? If so examine your motives for these feelings. They could simply be there to salve your conscience for feeling so happy. A minor disaster of a social nature could leave you out in the cold later on in the year. If you don’t wish this to happen, take extra special care when issuing invitations and accepting them. Watch your tongue too, it can occasionally let you down.

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ACROSS:7) Future, 8) Anyway, 9) Ski, 10) Suede, 11) Pin, 14) Study, 15) Safe Bet, 17) Nominal, 19) Joker, 22) Rib, 23) Plate, 24) Low, 27) Superb, 28) Grange. DOWN: 1) Junket, 2) Nut, 3) Fed up, 4) Handbag, 5) Gym, 6) Malice, 12) Admit, 13) Get on, 16) Wallaby, 18) Odious, 20) Enough, 21) Stage, 25) Set, 26) Fad.

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