Sky Infotech launches 

Sky Infotech, an online gaming provider specialising in online sportsbooks and casinos, has announced the launch of its new SkyInfoPartners  marketing technology and services provider. The   encourage optimisation and growth across three unique Sky Infotech brands.

Founded in 2017, Sky Infotech operates Bet4Plus, Betbarter and Skylive Casino, which combine to offer a variety of sportsbook, casino, live casino, virtual games, betgames and bingo products. Dedicated to remaining at the forefront of the iGaming industry by leveraging the latest technologies, Sky Infotech designs entertaining gameplay experiences that provide unique player offers and game features for a wide array of audiences.

  leverage advanced reporting and tracking technology to make strategic marketing decisions  access to a variety of assets, including custom  and events, to enhance their promotion of the respective brands. The SkyInfoPartners team will  swift response times.  Bet4Plus and its comprehensive list of wagering options for both sports and esports, including popular titles such as Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Dota 2 and League of Legends. Betbarter, which

 

also offers an array of sports betting and casino products, is bolstered by an innovative betting exchange platform, while Skylive Casino has an extensive collection of complementary games to support its main casino product. 

  performance. Revenue share commissions of up to  models. The programme will also award an     partnership is an important step forward for the   brands as more players become aware of the    to partner with Sky Infotech and support the   committed to creating quality products and 

 

Parimatch Holding has issued a statement in response to the recent vote in Ukrainian Parliament which passed the Bill to legalise the gambling industry in the country.

“Parimatch Holding welcomes the result of   liberalizing economy.

The development of a fair and regulated betting industry is excellent news for Ukraine. It  will draw international investment into, and help grow, important technology and payments sectors that are the foundation of the betting industry. Through the license fees and tax contributions, it will also generate much needed revenue for the state budget.

52 JULY 2020 GIO

The Bill includes many best-standard international practices that will form the framework of a transparent and competitive market. We eagerly wait for President Volodymyr Zelenskyi to sign it and deliver on his ambitious   believe there is a requirement to reform the Tax Code of Ukraine to accompany this regulatory framework; ensuring the long-term viability of the industry in Ukraine.

Parimatch is proud of the platform that we offer our millions of customers internationally.  be able to provide these products to our home market and entertain the people of Ukraine. We 

In response to increased demand, BetConstruct has expanded its live casino studio to offer businesses fully branded halls and dedicated tables in the shortest time possible. In the absence of on-site casino entertainment, the technology and  physical footprint and empowers gaming businesses to make a smooth transition to online operations by offering them a full-fledged live casino hall in just 30 days. Today, the provider is fully equipped to deliver more than 200 dedicated gaming tables upon request.

For those who want a branded gaming area with distinctive design, languages and game selection, BetConstruct allocates a dedicated space in its live studio and implements a floor-to-ceiling construction of a gaming hall.

Every single notion in such gaming space is up for customization – hall colours, number of gaming tables, dealer attires, table fabric, playing cards design, screens, accessories, game types, languages and more. The final product meets all the requirements an operator has specified, embodies a distinguished atmosphere of a brand and delivers the look and feel of a real casino to the players, thus elevating their engagement. The assistance from BetConstruct  casino solution comes with business and customer support, licences, ten games, and a custom game development service to fulfil the demands of a particular market and region.

    

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