  scammer. They are also brighter than most too, with the  pausing at the right times before clicking, switching between pages and scrolling as if pondering, and it’s  incorporated into this practice.

    syphoning billions of dollars from fraudulent installs 

SO WHERE IS IT ALL GOING WRONG, AND WHY ISN’T MORE BEING DONE? There are many issues here, two of which we can work on to get things right. One requires addressing psychological barriers in marketing, the other needs 

That CFO I mentioned will work with marketing teams  many years, but in this emerging and rapidly growing market, they’re quite possibly blissfully unaware of the waste, and the malpractice. The UA manager has a   extent, but highlighting it could be costly to their  lot to lose on their watch.

IS THIS, AS GOOD AS IT GETS? 

to ad networks but if that commission is legitimate, the returns are phenomenal. And, as more and more companies use apps as the gateway to both reaching out to the user, and realising a healthy income stream, more budget will undoubtedly be released to attract and  better app technology, usability and customer experience and ultimately, greater security.   of crime has started to impact users’ personal data as 

 simply by analysing unnaturally speedy transactions and  It’s out there and making headlines. Google and  know a thing or two about operating in this sphere, and  So, if it’s good enough for them…

Ultimately, billions of dollars globally are being stolen, and I can think of no other industry that would be so blissfully unaware of an impact on this scale affecting their bottom line. CFOs need to start analysing and   without examining some form of transparent traceability, or the journey from dollar out, dollar in. Likewise, some UA managers need to get their head out of sand. After    

Machine Advertising has compiled it’s UA Index, which examines the practice of more than 220 ad networks across the globe and ranks the best, and worst performers.


Machine is a London-based technology company whose products and    solution on the market.

A gambling client Machine was working with was unaware of the returns  month Machine was able to demonstrate that $81,000 was being wasted on fraud. A change of strategy enabled the client to redirect spend to the better  Gary Danks is a seasoned managing director with more than 14 years’    alongside

GIO APRIL 2020 53

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