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me in terms of growth and popularity. The other major change is all the regulatory changes which has had both positive and negative impacts on the industry.

 

 


This takes me back a bit as my dad was a bookie when I was a youngster, so I was exposed to what the industry was at a young age. I formally got into the industry whilst studying at university to pay for my Private Pilot’s License sometime around 2003, as 

 The fact that it’s always changing attracted me as I loathe repetitive work. The gaming industry is unique in my opinion, in that its incredibly fast paced, combining the latest tech, new trends in sport or casino and having every operator driven to be a market leader, which makes for an all-round exciting industry.

 

I was involved in Gaming whilst at University, leaving for a period of three years as I was given a wonderful opportunity to manage a large retail operation together with a man that I really looked up to in business.

What are you responsible for in your 

As head of Business development, I look after the sales and account management team within Enteractive. I also have the wonderful opportunity to be involved with the strategic side of the business and have been given a lot of autonomy to drive the commercial side of the business as well.

  On the product side of things, I would have to say that Live casino has probably been the product that has had the biggest impact/ change for operators and continues to amaze

58 APRIL 2020 GIO

The market we serve is very niche and as such we can pivot around industry requirements  all verticals within the IGaming sector is  rising acquisition costs and the lower growth numbers seen across the industry, reactivating ones churned database becomes a great option to drive additional growth leading to greater demand for our services.

 

I think the only factor that is a potential obstacle for our growth is the changing regulations at present, as they sometimes create uncertainty for operators, reducing the appetite for investment in newly legislated markets. This on the other hand is also an opportunity for our growth though, as it leads to an increase in operator’s appetite to have true two-way communication with their customers.

   move to Europe as it exposed me to some amazing gaming operators and people with years of online experience.

 

I think there will be continued M&A which will leave only a handful of major multi brand, multi market operators in the space. There will continue to be new start-ups driving innovation but as they grow I believe the bigger groups will acquire them. It also seems obvious that the next generation on gamblers will be more interested in e-sports which leads me to believe that operators that embraced this market early will have a strong market position in the future.

 what other line of work would you have 

If I was not in this industry, I would have followed my passion for aviation and either  helicopter pilot.

Past time: Family, Squash and BBQ Book:

Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins

Location: Greek isles Favourite…

Movie: Shawshank Redemption

Band: Jack Johnson

TV show: Hawaii Five-O

Food: All food – I just love food!

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