Movie: The Usual Suspects. I like any highly-predictable action film, generally with Jason Statham or the older classics with Arnie and Stallone.

TV Show: I don’t watch a lot of television outside of Man Utd games, but house renovation shows capture my attention or any short-run series  streamers on YouTube most days.

stole a march on other content producers, I believe, by adapting relatively quickly, but since then the video games industry and television / film production companies have developed exceptional product ranges that mean you can play deeply immersive 3D-rendered first-person shooter games on your standard smart phone, or binge watch entire seasons of new shows at your own convenience. Maintaining player acquisition at the same rate or for the same costs as before is going to continue to be challenging. If we don’t iterate to the right content customers are seeking, they will find find it elsewhere, outside of iGaming.

Looking at your entire career, what do you think was your smartest move?

I would have to chose the last two ‘moves’ I made, from PokerStars Casino to Mr Green, and then from Mr Green to Green Jade Games. I’m still very much ‘in the moment’ though and we have a long journey ahead, so if I asked my 65 year old self what the smartest move was I may look back and say the decision to join Betfair at such a relatively early stage. The company was the perfect mixture of unabashed ambition and youthful naivety mixed with technical brilliance, and that made everything seem possible. With that said, making the move to PokerStars gave my family the opportunity to live in rural Ireland and that is an experience that brought us lifelong friends and the opportunity to have a sharper focus on what is really important in life.

And dumbest one?

If I look back at my entire employment history, I could say that leaving my job driving a forklift truck for a Siemens company came with regret. I loved that forklift.

What do you think the egaming space will look like in ten years’ time?

I believe the biggest challenges could come to the existance of operators, actually. I could well imagine customers holding a single personal ‘account’, which has their own ‘verified by’ value removing the KYC process and in turn removing the need to deposit funds into any one operator.

I could see the producers of content being in an open market place under their own branding without a layer in between them and the customer. Therefore the biggest change could come with the first behemoth from the FAANG acronym deciding to

CIO APRIL 2019 69

create the market place and change up how customers place their bets.

Presuming I’m wrong, I would say our space in 10 years time won’t look too dissimilar to what we have now. Customers will still bet on virtual outcomes, skill games and real events, whether sporting, political or reality show and we’ll operate in an ever-more disparate locally regulated environment. The user interface for the gamble will include video games, eSports and virtual environments. I think that is a given though. I don’t think that will come and go in the coming 10 years.

Book: Fiction: Without

Remorse, Tom Clancy.

Non-Fiction: Extreme Ownership, Leif Babin & Jocko Willink

Band: I have an uncultured eclectic love of music, ranging from show tunes such as current favourite The Greatest Showman to electric violin and piano tracks from My Dying Bride.

Location: To live, I’d have to say County Wicklow in Ireland. To spend a weekend, I’d say Vienna or Ljubljana and to take  I’d say Canada. I want to explore a lot further though,  the top of my wish list.

Past time: I enjoy running around Erangel with an M416 screaming for a medical kit after taking some damage. I thoroughly enjoy long walks with my Irish-Doodle, Olly, whilst listening to audio-books and podcasts. I love planning the designs of the next house project with my wife and of course taking every moment I can to spend time with her and our incredible four children.


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