Slots 2020: Keeping the customer Rizk Casino’s MD, Ross Parkhill, on what it takes to maintain customer retention in 2020.

GIO: What value should we place on player education? Ross Parkhill: I believe there is a lot of value to be gained by ensuring our players are educated on various aspects of playing online casino. This ‘education’ covers a wide spectrum of day-to-day issues from what RTP means and how it works in real life to game reviews and mechanics. Education is also crucial in terms of player safety – ensuring players understand how they can put measures in place to manage the amount of time and money they are spending while playing. Obviously, a lot of this value comes from ensuring sustainability of a healthy gambling ecosystem, however, I would also argue it is far more likely a better educated player is going to enjoy their playing experience for what it should be.

It’s also an important consideration that as an industry if we all push player education, especially around responsible gaming, we can hopefully start to make more positive steps to reduce the negative press the industry is getting all too frequently.

50 MAY/JUNE 2020 GIO

GIO: Is a better-informed player more likely to return? RP: Yes, without doubt for me. We must remember we are in the entertainment business and players must enjoy their experience if we want them to come back. To truly enjoy the experience, players must be both properly educated on the risk of gaming but also feel they have all the required information to make the decisions they are faced with while playing. Players have come to expect additional information to help their decision-making process on other  make sure we are living up to these expectations. Equally importantly, players must be properly informed on some common pain points like wagering requirements or payment withdrawal times. A lack of information in these areas can lead to disappointment and frustration – if players are well informed it can help to reduce this.

GIO: What does it take to maintain customer retention in 2020? RP: With such high levels of competition, customer

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