Detachable Holster Pockets In Snickers’ New LiteWork Stretch Trousers


A Powerful Energy Management Alliance


arlo Gavazzi have appointed Northamptonshire based, Uniq Solutions as a Specialist Energy Partner; offering

the full range of Carlo Gavazzi Energy Management products which compliment their own popular remote monitoring solution which is highly favoured by many large corporate clients who are committed to a future of sustainable energy. A private limited company, Uniq solutions is committed

to providing their clients with the right tools to measure and reduce their running costs as well as their energy con- sumption. “Carlo Gavazzi products are of the highest qual- ity, innovative and create impressive energy solutions which in turn help us to provide cost savings and sustain- able futures to our customers and ultimately, helps our customers optimise their energy consumption and lower their carbon footprint,” explains Tony Verrall, Managing Director of Uniq Solutions. Uniq Solutions policy is to supply customers with com-

plete solutions working consistently across the private, public and industrial sector providing services such as con- sultancy, design, installation, commissioning.

Carlo Gavazzi u +44 (0) 1276 854110 u

eading where others follow, Snickers Workwear stretch fabrics deliver unrivalled comfort and close quarter mobility on site. Snickers Workwear’s hi-tech fabrics and body-mapping designs give plenty of

scope for every professional craftsman and woman to stretch their performance on site comfortably. Designed for a wide variety of jobs on site, these LiteWork 4-way stretch work trousers are the ideal choice if you’re working hard in warmer weather. For maximum flexibility in getting work done, these new Trousers feature

detachable holster pockets while the trousers themselves are made from full- stretch material for maximum mobility wherever you’re working while the Cordura®-reinforced Kneeguard™ pockets offer additional comfort and protection. For maximum functionality there’s also ruler, and cargo pockets for easy access

to tools and fixings. They’re all Cordura® reinforced for durability. Snickers u 01484 854788 u

Snickers Workwear FlexiWork Insulated Jackets and Trousers S

and windproof too! The design and fabric combinations will keep your body in the optimum comfort zone as the weather conditions change on site. They’ve got all the features and functionality that you’d expect in Snickers

Workwear Jackets and Trousers. They’re great looking garments that will keep you feeling comfy wherever you are and whatever you’re doing at work in cold weather. With a range of winter accessories to choose from as well, Snickers Workwear’s FlexiWork and ALLroundWork garments feature contemporary designs packed with must-have features that focus on fit, comfort and freedom of movement.

Snickers u 01484 854788 u

The Schaffner Group introduces ecosine®max series of passive harmonic filters

S chaffner, the international leader in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility and power quality, is pleased to announce its new ecosine®

max passive harmonic filter series. These new filters are designed to reliably mitigate excessive harmonics in most demanding applications. FN348-355-99-E0XXSXX_V2The new ecosine® max filter series FN3470/71,

FN3480/81, FN3472/73 and FN3482/83 with versions for 400 VAC and 480 VAC, 50 Hz and 60 Hz networks are based on Schaffner award-winning ecosine® platform. They are the key passive power quality offer for higher power ranges (250KW-500KW) that can be found in demanding drive applications. The three- chokes versions FN3470/80/72/82 are designed to achieve <5% THDi @ rated power even when using drives without DC-link choke. The more economical two-chokes versions FN3471/81/73/83 are designed to achieve <5% THDi @ rated power if used with drives including at least 4% DC-link choke. They can also be applied to drives without DC-link choke reaching a THDi of 8%. The industry’s most advanced passive harmonic filter ecosine® max guar-

antee compliance with the requirements of IEEE-519 and other stringent national or international power quality standards. While using ecosine® max filters the electrical infrastructure is unburdened, and its utilization is much more efficient and reliable. Furthermore, the service life cycle of electrical equipment is extended, and energy costs can be reduced.

As Schaffner is always committed to customer satisfaction, innovation and continuous improvement is of impor-

tance. Schaffner Power Quality always aims for best tailored solutions aligning product offerings with the interna- tional market requirements and customer expectations. Being the industry standard filters for 6-pulse rectifiers and motor drives ecosine® max filter series are designed to be the most compact open panel solutions that are ready to be integrated in standard or customized electrical cabinets. All ecosine® max filters are CE-marked, UL listed and RoHS compliant. All versions are offered either with a circuit breaker switch protecting the trap capacitor bank or with a trap dis-

connect jumper to allow any third-party circuit breaker switch to be installed. This protection ensures the opera- tional safety of the device even under all circumstances. Schaffner power quality is more than just products. We pro- vide solutions for power efficiency and reliability along with leading pre- and after sales services. Therefore all eco- sine® max filter series, like all Schaffner active and passive harmonic filters, are already fully supported in Schaffner’s well known power quality simulator SchaffnerPQS3. For further information, please visit or get in touch with your local Schaffner sales point or

Schaffner partner for individual support. Schaffner u +44 118 9770070 u


Flexenergy expands pipe range


pecialist pipe solutions provider, Flexenergy, has widened its range of energy efficient, pre-insulated flexible pipe

systems to meet the requirements of higher temperature and higher pressure community heating schemes. The company, a key supplier of pre-insulated pipe tech-

nology for more than 30 years, has added PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) pipe to its PB (polybutylene) range to meet growing demand for non-corrosive solutions in the district heating market. Three new pipe products are available from Flexenergy:

HeatFlex, FibreFlex and FibreFlex Pro, all of which have a minimum service life of 30 years. HeatFlex is suitable for most applications up to 95ºC

and 6 bar, while FibreFlex and FibreFlex Pro are designed for higher temperature and pressure environments. FibreFlex operates up to 95ºC and 10 bar, with FibreFlex Pro designed for applications of up to 115ºC and 10 bar. All are insulated using CFC free bonded polyurethane

(PUR) foam, which provides outstanding thermal properties and helps optimise energy efficiency in heating and cool- ing networks.

Flexenergy u 01592 773167 u


uperb insulation and full weather protection for optimal comfort on site. Street-smart, stylish looks and market-leading GORE-TEX and 37.5® fabric

technology make these jackets and trousers a must for winter on site or for outdoor leisure activities. You’ll stay warm and dry in this layered clothing that’s robust, waterproof

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