ANNOUNCEMENT: colleagues F

läktGroup UK to integrate into an all in one approach to Site Services, Sales and customer excellence. For this reason, FGUK has been

restructuring behind the scenes to deliver a streamlined customer-focused business. Restructuring from three channels to two simplifying the business. Since the merger of DencoHappel and FläktWoods the company has always

had a big vision of becoming the UK's leaders in HVAC not just financially but as technical leaders, product innovators and the most energy-efficient HVAC company on the market. Today’s announcement and restructure and will enable us to achieve those goals while prioritising our customers.

Sharpening our customer excellence

We have, opened a technical centre of excellence, all in one service approach and offering a life cycle approach to your HVAC building requirements from integrated controls to commissioning via our restructured Applied systems sales team. We in the last year have reduced our delivery times, reduced our

commissioning waiting times. Boasted our communication efforts to inform you of new products, changes to products and given you full access to your documents via our website. We have now a full selection of CIBSE and RIBA approved CPDs. Increased our engineers, increased our training of all our staff. Introduced a one vision policy directly to increase our customer focus. And will continue to do these.

Site Services Director Clive MacKinnon – integrates from Commercial Operations Director to Site Services

Head of Site Service Support previously central helpdesk (CHD). Rachel Beeching

Head of Technical Centre of Excellence Alan Weston

Will have a team of multi-disciplined engineers providing both internal and external support for our broad product range and services

Applied Systems Director Rob Erwood – continues to be the Director of the products sales business

Contacts: Email: Phone: 0845 608 4446 Site Services Director - Clive Mckinnon

Site Services contact: Email: Phone: 0845 608 4449

FlaktGroup UK u 0845 608 4449 CONNECTINGINDUSTRY.COM/ENERGYMANAGEMENT u ENERGY MANAGEMENT | SPRING 2020 17 Built strong foundations now adding the details

Strong foundations have now been laid for FläktGroup, giving us one of the most complete and innovative range of products in the industry, no one on the market can match us in an all in one capability. We offer Air handling units, Close Control Systems, Fan coil units, Fans, Chillers, Car park fans, axial fans, heat recovery units the list goes on. These products are all supported by our site services team. By offering this all in one solution we make your project simple, one contact point, one solution. One FläktGroup.

Words from the Senior Management Team

Aidan Flannery ‘’FläktGroup has an enviable reputation and history within the industry, I remember working with the Woods Selection Catalogues & Fan Curves during my M&E Contracting and College days. Later I had the opportunity to work alongside an Installer on the installation of Denco® Close Control Units (CCU’s / CRACs) as part of my learning and development in the industry, these memories and experiences along with an inherent respect for the Companies concerned, made my decision to join the FläktGroup at the beginning of 2019 an easy one”. We appreciate the regular Customers that have worked closely with us over

the years and thank them for their understanding and patience during the recent period of re-modelling our business. We now have a new and stable structure, the changes we made during 2019 have been rewarded within our Global business, with the UK being recognised as the outstanding performer in 2019 by FläktGroup.

Clive MacKinnon “This year our goal is to grow our ‘Site Services’ business through the expansion of specialist services to new and existing Customers. Our Engineers will be developed through a continual Learning & Development program, they are a key part of the business and we will continue to offer them all the support they need to ensure better Customer service and relationships, ultimately providing a better experience for Customers of FläktGroup Site Services”.

Rob Erwood ‘’For me, FläktGroup UK must make this the year of the customer. We will go out of our way to ensure we fully adopt the cradle to grave approach from the Sales Orders that we secure. The changes we have made to our newly renamed ‘Applied Systems’ team, will ensure this. Our Data Centre Cooling performance in 2019 has been beyond outstanding, it contributed to our success in 2019 and will continue to be a major contributor for our success and growth in 2020’’

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