The analysis of metabolic markers, such

as glucose, lactate and pyruvate are gaining importance in point-of-care monitoring. Biosensors enable an early warning alarm before diabetes, sepsis, and metabolic monitoring (e.g. Liver function) in critical care patients occur. IST AG ‘s Biosensors, with unique long-

term stability and very compact, adaptable designs, are ideal for all of these sampling and integration strategies. Biosensors with a microfluidic flow cell, such as a glucose & lactate LV5 sensor can be delivered with factory calibration, while strip sensors, such as IV4 can be miniaturized and packaged with a connector for simple electronic integration. State-of-the-art blood gas analyzers

Major developments in personal healthcare and diagnostic analysis, together with the ability to screen health issues early and deliver effective and personalised treatment options, is changing lives across the globe


edical care increasingly relies on technology-aided systems and smart

medical devices. And it is precisely in this area that environmental and biological sensors enable high functionality. Innovative Sensor Technology, IST AG,

combines thin-film or thick-film technology to manufacture a wide variety of sensor elements for temperature, flow, conductivity, humidity and biological metabolite monitoring. These sensors combined with new Peristaltic Micropumps and Viral RNA extraction kits, complete the medically compliant IST AG product portfolio for the following specialist applications in a complex environment of constantly evolving standards, disrupted manufacturing processes, and reduced design cycles. Implantable single-use sensors and

microfluidic devices offer a promising and effective way to monitor or provide patient treatment in real time. Temperature changes in pathophysiology are relatively slow, where size, the thermal capacitance and conductance of the encapsulation material does play a role. Platinum thin-film RTD temperature sensing elements are known for their long-term stability and simple signal processing. IST AG offers surface


mount elements with Bondsens from IST AG, the smallest SMD Pt1000 element worldwide at 0.75mm x 0.75mm. High prevalence of asthma and chronic

obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPDs) are some of the major factors driving the demand for respiratory monitoring devices. Air and Gas flow sensors are essential for all devices monitoring or regulating breathing cycles – including Spirometers, Peak Flow Meters, Gas Analyzers. To evaluate a breathing cycle, sensors with an extremely fast response time and airflow direction detection are necessary. IST AG`s calorimetric flow elements MFS02 & SFS01 are designed to measure the. flow volume of each breath intake. An Anaesthesia gas blender is the

main component of anaesthesia delivery machine. The prime function of the anaesthesia gas blender is for mixing two or more gases to provide controlled anaesthesia during surgery. The anaesthesia gas blenders come with electronics for automated handling, to control the flow of gases. A switch or a controller based on an FS7 flow sensor from IST AG, can easily be implemented with relatively simple electronics to accurately measure flow in the Gas blender.

Flow Sensors and Peristaltic Micropumps

are increasingly enabled by miniaturized, multiparametric sensor systems. For such miniaturized devices, the microfluidic integration of the biosensors and the peristaltic micropump series CPP1 enables continuous monitoring of metabolites. This allows for complex analysis outside the clinical environment, for example in vehicles, in care facilities, or as wearable products for high-risk patients. Blood purification methods can be

effective at treating patients with Corona virus (Covid-19) by reducing various pathogens, cytokines, and other inflammatories. For monitoring membrane processes separating ionic compounds dissolved in liquids, electric conductivity is a fast and easy method for measuring indicative parameters. Dialysis is such an ultrafiltration process, which is applied to extracorporeal blood purification and uses conductivity as a crucial control parameter. A planar 4-electrode design with biocompatible materials makes IST AG`s conductivity sensors, such as LFS1305, ideal for a wide range of applications in medical devices where biofilm and clogging issues are a risk. To execute RT-PCR for Covid-19 testing,


RNA extraction must be carried out first. RNA extraction is the purification of RNA from biological samples. RNA extraction is a delicate process, as cells and the environment secrete high concentrations of enzymes that destroy nucleic acids. Therefore, the process must be carried out carefully and quickly. With the acquisition of Berlin-based AJ Innuscreen, IST AG now offers RNA Extraction kits for the isolation of viral RNA from tracheal swabs. The extraction kits isolate viral nucleic acids from starting materials either for manual or automated extraction on the KingFisher FLEX platform.


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