of the industry sectors that they serve, such as aviation are still severely affected, the group are confident that in time their situations too will improve. A return in demand of their production will inevitably come and Pentagon will be there to support them as those industry sectors most affected climb back up to full strength. In light of the many supply issues that

organisations faced early on in the pandemic, the group anticipate that they will be able to offer much needed local employment opportunities to ensure that they can continue to deliver at this level in the future. Fully expecting an increased demand for a strong UK supply chain, Pentagon will be ready to play their part. Supporting their valued team

What a journey the UK has been on since the start of the year! As we find ourselves now in the Autumn months and at the start of the second UK lockdown of 2020, the Pentagon Plastics Group are in the fortunate position of continuing to see strength and growth within their industry sector although costs are soaring


entagon is one of the few UK plastic injection moulders to offer a full

turnkey solution to their customer base. The group provides Design Assistance, Development, Mould Tool Manufacture, Plastic Injection Moulding and Post Moulding services. The company is well equipped to work with customers from concept through to repeat production all from one site of UK manufacture. The group is made up of Pentagon

Plastics Ltd and Pentagon Tooling Ltd operating from a combined manufacturing footprint of 25,000 sq. ft based in Horsham, West Sussex. As bespoke technical moulders, services

offered by the group lend themselves to a wide variety of industry sectors including Medical, Aerospace, Marine, Security, Electrical and Construction. From the start of the COVID pandemic

manufacturing has been essential in the continued support and protection of the UK. Particularly for Pentagon the demand for medical production


increased to a huge and unimaginable 500 per cent at its peak. This increase at a time where staffing levels altered it seemed daily due to various implications of COVID. Never have the group seen such a business challenge, however through strong leadership and a dedicated, flexible, and outstanding team Pentagon managed to rise to the challenge and support their customers throughout. Here we are in November 2020, a year

that many of us cannot wait to see the back of and Pentagon continue to commit to the safety of their workforce providing a COVID secure working environment. The business remains in a very

fortunate and strong position within the UK plastic injection moulding and toolmaking sector and has secured exciting new projects through the economic downturn. They emanate confidence that the coming months and years will continue to deliver steady growth for the business. Although some

From the start of the COVID pandemic manufacturing has been essential in the continued support and protection of the UK

throughout this turbulent time has seen the business put staff welfare to the fore. Recognising the importance of supporting both mental and physical health within the workplace at this critical time has been key. Using their social media channels, they have put a topic which is still widely unsupported forward to a wider audience. It has been nothing short of humbling

to see the UK manufacturing industry come together, adapting processes, and delivering in the ongoing fight against COVID. A work ethic that we hope will continue well into the future and allow manufacturing and engineering to be a strong and viable career choice for generations to come. The Pentagon Plastics Group are

looking forward to playing their part in the UK economic recovery. Supporting customers at every level be it bringing new projects to market, reshoring of existing mould tooling for UK production or modification to up issue existing products. Pentagon will be there every step of the way putting the positivity in to plastics manufacture! This year has seen unimaginable

challenges but it has also highlighted the importance of the UK Manufacturing industry which in time will ultimately lead to a rise in reshoring, career opportunities and economic growth as we all look to future proof both our country and our livelihoods.

Pnentagon Plastics T: +44 (0)1403 264 397


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