ASA’s Ingenuity helicopter (shown right) has successfully completed its pioneering fl ight on Mars. This is the fi rst time in the history of powered, unmanned spacefl ight that a device has fl own in a controlled manner on another planet – also thanks to DC motors that have been modifi ed for this challenge.

NASA’s Mars helicopter

fl ew over the surface of the Red Planet for about 40 seconds on April 19, and landed back on its feet. “Ingenuity” is about to complete several fl ight units over a period of 30

days, lasting up to 90 seconds and bringing it to a maximum altitude of fi ve meters. The fl ight is also a great success for the drive specialist Maxon, which provided the helicopter’s six brushed DC motors that have been specifi cally modifi ed for the project. The DCX series of drives, with diameters of 10mm, control the pitch of the rotor blades and therefore the course of the helicopter, which weighs only 1.8kg and is solar- powered. The lightweight design is a prerequisite for a successful fl ight on the Red Planet, where there

is hardly any atmosphere, making conditions similar to those at an altitude of 30km on Earth.

“The biggest challenge in developing the motors was the extreme weight requirement,” says Aiko Stenzel, design engineer at Maxon. “Every tenth of a gram had to be saved to make the helicopter fl y. What’s great is that, despite the weight savings, we found a drive solution that has enough power to adjust the rotor blades, and this despite the high vibrations and temperature fl uctuations.”

Eugen Elmiger, CEO of the Maxon Group, watched

the NASA transmission of the fi rst fl ight data live: “It is a fantastic feeling to know that our precision drives worked as planned, and that we were able to make our contribution to this historic event. I am proud of our employees and look forward to the next milestones on Mars.” Maxon’s drives are also used in the Perseverance rover, on the underside of which the helicopter landed on Mars on February 18, 2021. These are ten BLDC motors and a special gearbox that will be used, among other things, to handle the soil samples inside the rover.



ello and welcome to the May edition of Irish Manufacturing.

For those who missed last

month’s announcement, I will be stepping in as Editor of Irish Manufacturing until the usual editor, Rachel Tucker, returns from maternity leave in a few months’ time.

In this issue, features include: • Storage Optimisation • CNC Machines • Energy Management • Test & Measurement • Industry 4.0/IoT • Data Centres • Plastics & Injection Moulding

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Svetlana Josifovska - Editor T

he expansion of Jungheinrich’s footprint within Northern

Ireland further supports its customer base, unlocking high e� ciencies and enabling the company to support and enhance the productivity of several leading businesses there. Among them are Lynas Food Service, PING Group and Cyril Johnston, all of which have recently turned to Jungheinrich to support them in their drive to create effi ciency and productivity gains to ultimately deliver greater business value and growth.

As consumer demands and expectations increase, in part due to the fallout from Covid-19, supply chains become more complex and businesses are increasingly turning to sleeker and more fl exible supply chains in order to generate greater value from their warehouses and processes. Now, in the wake of Covid-19, more and more businesses are grasping the opportunity for change, especially with the rise of ecommerce over the last twelve months, hence, effi ciency is of greater demand than ever.

For Cyril Johnston, one of the largest family-owned suppliers and distributors of garden machinery and leisure goods in the UK and Ireland, having an effi cient and reliable materials-handling operation within its warehouse is vital. With its successful business growing rapidly – and each peak season increasing exponentially – it could no longer rely on its previous outdated handling equipment to support its logistics eff orts. Cyril Johnston therefore needed a high quality and durable brand to rely on and with its highly- regarded reputation in the market, Jungheinrich was Cyril Johnston’s fi rst choice. Tom Black, MD, Cyril Johnston said: “We’ve been pleased with the level of customer service from Jungheinrich.”

In addition, Jungheinrich also supports Lynas Food Service, a third-generation family- run business for over 70 years, and PING Group, based at Belfast International Airport, an independently-owned aircraft and cargo-handling company.



YNOSLIFE, the leading Irish manufacturer of cosmetics, beauty and health & wellbeing products has appointed Phil O’Sullivan as its Commercial Director.

LYNOSLIFE employs a team of over 120 across its Cork and Mayo campuses. The company off ers a diverse range of services including formulation, sourcing, bulk manufacturing, fi lling and packing for the global beauty and personal care markets. O’Sullivan joins LYNOSLIFE from his recent role as Commercial Director for an international distribution business to the pharma and life sciences industries. He has previously held roles in local and multinational companies including Kepak Group, H J Heinz, Boots, Gillette and Anderco. With over 20 years industry experience, Phil brings insights to the team from the pharma, food, drinks, seafood, agri and FMCG sectors. “I am delighted to have joined the team at LYNOSLIFE at such an exciting time for the company,” said O’Sullivan.



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