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Quality assured repeatedly, and in real time? For Food & Beverage Manufacturing,


Liquids and Powders Management, MedTech & Data Security Services Systems, Metals Manufacturing, and Aquaculture Track & Trace: WISE design & develop software applications & integration solutions for Factory Floor Scheduling, Data Acquisition & Exchange, KPI, Product Identification, Labelling, Traceability, Automation Integrations, Laboratory QA, and Warehouse Management. Traceability, Management, and

Integrations are the WISE MES set of solutions used to record the critical key aspects of your Production and to monitor your processes and production, in real time.

Key Manufacturing Functionality: Traceability & Labelling: our set of solutions to record the manufacturing process of a specific Product or a specific Batch together with a marking and labelling system, including the management of Raw Materials, Semi- Finished Goods and Finished Product.

Batch and Recipe Management: For your industry Operations Management, WISE MES modules help to manage batch execution more efficiently, allocating equipment, downloading parameters, automating recipe procedures and enforcing quality processes in real time. It also coordinates with the plant control systems,

ow do you see your Factory? How are your Business Processes ensured and

interfaces with the operators and directs batch activity, material flow and production records to a central MES database and to your ERP. Batch events trigger electronic workflows for quality sign-off procedures or real time corrective actions in case of alarms or nonconformance.

Production Scheduling & Performance Monitoring: WISE MES introduces quality in production planning and execution, enabling optimisation of production tasks and reliable control of production progress. Reliable real-time data derived by WISE MES and WISE Line Manager directly from the production process, for operators, team leaders, machinery, maintenance technicians, quality controllers and logistics, enables a site to have a Production Schedule updated every second.

Interfaces and Integration Management: for Automation, ERP Systems, Management Teams, Team Leaders and Operators, Automated Operations Interfaces, and Overall Business Interactivity.

Production Area Digitalisation: In order to move your Production Plant to a significantly higher level of organisation, WISE MES also includes a module to help your Production Plant implement a migration from paper records on production lines and to digitise the daily management process. Your key-point checklists get digitised, and each linked to the correct Production Order and Quality checks of the current run.

Food & Life Sciences Production: WISE Manufacturing Modules manage your Production across multiple Production Lines, covering Production Planning, Production Orders, Production, Packing, Materials Handling, Picking, Dispatch, Delivery, WMS, Quality Assurance, and Automation Integrations.


By driving the correct process

workflows and business rules in the course of actual operations, and in real- time, this ensures both production efficiency and the guarantee that quality of process and data is achieved. The ability to reference a specific

Production Batch in a trace-back scenario, further allows for subsequent Production or Quality decisions and Customer Feedback Management.

Beverage Production: Including the above, WISE Beverage Production Modules also manage Pallet and Keg Labelling and multi-line Production, including the management of multi container & bagged concentrate components.

Liquid Ingredients Management: WISE MES Silos & Tankers Module manages Supplier Lot Tracking and Internal Silo Batch Allocation, as well as each Silo vessel of your site’s Silo landscape in real time, plus PO call-off and Quality Testing. Tanker Registration and Grouping, Weighbridge integration, Grade and Potency

Management are some of the key features, including the management of smaller liquid vessels such as canisters and barrels, and such activity as Inline Dosing.

Powders and Ingredients Management: WISE MES Bulk Production and Ingredients Preparation Modules manage your Small Batch Manufacturing activities scalable right up to Bulk Batch Manufacturing. Internal Batch Allocation and traceability of all key activities and quality checks ensure that processes are executed to repeatable standard in real time.

WISE MES has been implemented in the

areas of Infant Milk formula, Dairy Sector, Ingredients Producers, Beverage Sector, Snack Foods, and Aquaculture.

WISE has been in Business for over 30 years.

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