Supplying COVID and BREXIT proof service to our customer’s crucial supply chains

With divisions in Dublin, Cork and Belfast on the island of Ireland, Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd. has seen almost everything over the years of trading in Ireland, the UK and around the world. Then came BREXIT and COVID-19 and all the challenges that it brought to local and global business


hen the pandemic hit us here in Ireland in mid-March 2020, just before St Patrick’s Day, no one knew if this was a short-term issue

or something that would affect every person on earth. Unfortunately, the latter was the case. Like all responsible companies, Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd. followed

Government advise and immediately implemented safety procedures, including rotation of staff, working remotely, additional training, safety screens, and mask-wearing. Temperature monitoring stations were set up around the warehouses and offices. The challenges were many, including the physical work involved in

moving, cutting, storing, and dispatching metal and engineering plastics. Fortunately, the facilities in all 3 locations are large open spaces with plenty of ventilation. The company has been vital in supplying material as part of the supply chain in manufacturing components for the medical industry, especially ventilators in the pandemic’s initial phases. Many companies in Ireland closed their doors, while Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd. continued to supply our customers in industries ranging from machine shops making components to OEM’s in the aviation and medical device sectors. Even during a pandemic, the company’s ability to guarantee their part in

their customer’s supply chain has been paramount in the shadow of the pandemic and the new world of BREXIT. Impact Metals’ robust strategy for mitigating supply chain disruption includes the stockholding of many materials in all three facilities based on many years’ experience and understanding the customer needs and requirements. It was also imperative to continuously assess international suppliers and

monitor uncertain and vulnerable signals that may lead to future delays. The process of working, communicating and listening to both suppliers and customers has been imperative in the company’s success. Having a wide variety of stock including Engineering Steel, Stainless Steel,

Nickel Alloy, Titanium, Aluminium, and Engineering Plastic allows the company to provide material to many vertical markets, including any company that utilises CNC technology, machine shops, companies making components to OEM’s in the aviation and medical devices sectors to mention but a few.


GOING THAT EXTRA MILE The company has developed internal support services to assist with Customer requirements, including a global sourcing facility and advanced product knowledge to source any complex material grades. They also provide forward stocking against customer call-off schedules for materials when required. An investment in cutting technology to process cutting requirements

efficiently lets the customer’s get on their projects. It also reduces time and expenses for customers and reduces the amount of stock the customer has to hold, improving their cash flow. They offer a no minimum processing quantity and will cut from 1 to 10,000 blanks. Besides a cutting service, Impact Metals also provide a Drilling, Boring, Turning, and Chamfering, and thru-feed/in-feed centerless grinding services to their extensive range of precision bar stock as well as customer supplied materials to their exact specifications. The company implemented a Quality Management System to ensure the

highest quality service and maintain the AS9120B & BS EN 9001:2015 and continuously review the suitability and effectiveness of our Quality Management System to ensure that it is in keeping with the expectations of our customers, the realities of a dynamic marketplace and the size and nature of our company. The company provide a daily nationwide delivery service with their

dedicated fleet of trucks providing an on-time and cost-effective next day delivery with no minimum order required.

 For more information, contact their sales team on 01 451 2144 or visit and


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