ESAB Rogue ET TIG/MMA inverters offer industry- best combination of performance and portability

E The Power of Custom T

ap into our toolbox of connector know-how. Work directly with our experienced product engineers to

create a customized connector, or use our online Build-A- Part™ tool to configure one of our standard designs to meet the needs of your application.

Advanced Interconnections can quickly design a

customized solution for surface-mount socketing, or device package conversion, by combining extensive in-house technology, proprietary SMT solder-ball features, and 30+ years of design engineering experience.

We offer options that are tailor-made to your needs. Our 4-step connector customization process starts with an

application assessment with one of our experienced product engineers, then we move right into project review. Once this is complete, we work with you to create a design solution followed by product manufacture. We provide a one-stop experience that will completely fulfill your project design needs.

Or, go on our website to learn how to Build-A-Part Number,

including everything from pin-count to plating type – it’s easy to build the exact part number needed for your application.

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SAB Welding & Cutting Products today launched Rogue ET 180i and 200iP PRO, its new series of portable, powerful TIG/MMA inverters that feature ESAB’s next-level control

technology to deliver professional arc performance. Its full-featured digital TIG controls include those for gas pre-flow, arc start current, end current, gas post-flow and HF (non-contact) or Lift-TIG arc starts. Tipping the scales at 8.7 kg and 9.6 kg, respectively, Rogue ET 180i and 200iP PRO

units are one-third lighter than competitive inverters in its class. Both units measure only 403 x 153 x 264 mm but deliver a maximum TIG output of 180A (180i) and 200A (200iP PRO) at 25% duty cycle and a stable TIG arc down to 10 amps. “Rogue will cause the industry to re-think its perception of lightweight power,

performance and price. Inverters with Rogue’s TIG capabilities often cost twice as much,” says Bartosz Kutarba, Global Product Manager – Light Industry Equipment, ESAB.”

ESAB u 01992 768515 u

N96 - Diaphragm Vacuum Pump and Compressor High Performance K

With its highly efficient brushless DC motor and rotational speed control, this diaphragm pump

can dynamically meet the requirements of complex operating profiles. KNF

u 01993 778373 The Right Mix

mixing required. Positioning of the mixer, access, temperature control and CIP requirements must be considered, along with risk assessments at the design stage to ensure compliance with directives such as PED or ATEX, and appropriate CE markings or Notified Body approvals.

D Axium Process specialises in all aspects

of liquid processing, including the development and design of hygienic mixing vessels and processing skids, from a simple blending skid up to a full-scale automatic PLC controlled mixing system. In-house operations include welding, fabrication, mechanical and electro-polishing, with quality control at all stages in compliance with EHEDG and ASME BPE guidelines. Operating in industries where

qualification, traceability and full documentation is paramount, Axium provides full traceability dossiers which can include materials certification, borescope direct view and video record, welder qualifications, weld maps, logs, dye penetrant, pressure testing, ferroxyl testing, TSE certification and Approvals. As a leading UK based Hygienic

Engineering company, Axium Process specialises in hygienic process systems and precision fabrications, offering a complete engineering service that encompasses Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, and Aluminium alloys. The company’s reputation for delivering innovative solutions has been built on, responsiveness, reliability, and engineering excellence.

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Press force for battery cell production


OX® PRESSOTECHNIK delivered 333 pneumohydraulic drives to the Korean chemical giant LG Chem. The

largest single order for TOX®-Powerpackages in the company's history also was a technical masterpiece: TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK designed the pneumohydraulic drives as customised special versions for battery cell production. The powerful drive cylinders of the TOX®-Powerpackage

series generate large press forces in a very tight space, offer high stroke frequency and long service life with low energy consumption, low noise emission and minimum maintenance costs. These advantages also impressed LG Chem Ltd. The Korean chemical company ordered 333 special version drives for its battery cell production. Amongst others, the TOX®- Powerpackages are used for the pressing of film onto the battery cell without the formation of bubbles. TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG designed all

attachment parts and components completely free from copper, nickel and zinc to prevent short circuits. The company produced more parts according to specifications in stainless steel.

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK u 01785 887903 u


eveloping a liquid mixing process requires specialist expertise, whether manual or automatic in operation. Factors such as solids suspension, distribution and shear sensitivity determine the type of agitation, blending, or

u u

NF showcases a new powerful pump for a wide range of applications. The N96 is suited for gas sampling analysis and all other processes requiring reliable and precise transfer of gaseous samples. Compact and high performing, it can transfer even aggressive & corrosive media. Its robust design means it can be used with a broad spectrum of media at temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius. Available with either an EPDM membrane or a PTFE coated membrane, the N96 is chemically resistant and highly tolerant of vapour and

condensate, making the N96 perfect for use in instrumental analysis. In this field, the N96 can perform the typical tasks of gentle, precise preparation and transfer of samples for analysis as well as safe aspiration of chemical liquid waste mixtures.

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