Young Calibration enter their 18th year as an accredited calibration laboratory under the remit of the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), with accreditation to ISO 17025

Young Calibration is celebrating 18 years of UKAS flow accreditation

measurement uncertainty as low as 0.18% + 0.001 m/s. The laboratory employs both 1D and 2D Laser Doppler Anemometry with options to combine into a 3D system and operate through an automated XY traverse mechanism. The wind tunnel measurement capability and wide operating ranges present themselves as one the worlds’ leading air velocity calibration facilities and often provide master meter transfer calibrations for high end research instrumentation. Through its high-speed data collection and measurement automation of velocity profiles, cost effective anemometer calibrations can be completed on short lead times, with high accuracy.


oung Calibration’s laboratory was established in 1996 to address a void

in the market for customers seeking a solution in bespoke liquid flow calibration such as for glycols, esters, skydrol, IPA, brake fluids and ISO 4113. At the time, the only cost effective and commercially available calibration suppliers had limited capabilities for liquid selection or were not commercial viable due to premium costs. The laboratory currently employees 20 personnel across two sites, operates 16 flow rigs and has a worldwide customer base.

EXPERIENCE The company has technical specialism in the fields of Air Velocity, Liquid Flow and Air Flow calibration, with over 120 man years’ experience between the engineers. The engineering team offers independent and unbiased technical support across a range of flow metering applications. Additionally, their experience covers a range of equipment for EBME, pressure, electrical, temperature and humidity applications. UKAS Accredited Calibration: The

laboratory (UKAS Lab 0604) has held its’ accreditation since 2002, previously under the earlier known NAMAS accreditation, but now offers ISO 17025 UKAS accredited calibrations under the ILAC MRA multilateral agreement for worldwide recognition. Young Calibration are accredited for water flow, air flow, hydrocarbon flow, air velocity, pressure, electrical and temperature simulation parameters. The accreditation schedule also encompasses on-site calibration


services for electrical, temperature simulation and pressure. The extensive schedule puts the laboratory as one of the leading UK calibration service providers in its field of measurement. The range of measurement uncertainties on offer to its’ customers allows the customer to receive the optimal trade- off for cost vs measurement uncertainty.

LIQUID MICRO-FLOW CALIBRATION Extensive research over the past 18 months has culminated in the laboratory expanding its’ liquid flow capabilities to cover ultra-low flow calibrations down to a 0.1 ml/hour at measurement uncertainties as low as 0.09% of reading. This significant achievement and coupled with its pending addition to the laboratories UKAS accreditation schedule will provide its’ customers with a future avenue for supporting accredited calibrations of infusion pumps, injectors, syringe pumps, tubing pumps and micro flow meters. Ongoing development continues with the ultra-low flow calibration rigs, with collaborative research programs underway for nanoflow application solutions.

ANEMOMETER CALIBRATION The laboratory houses four wind tunnels of varying designs and capabilities for the calibration and product development of thermal, vane and rotating cup anemometers, pitot tubes, yaw probes, CTA probes and flow grids. Two wind tunnels are under the UKAS accreditation schedule where calibrations can be undertaken from 0.05 to 80 m/s with a

AIR FLOW CALIBRATION The laboratory covers a range of ISO 17025 flow meter calibration services for typical test instrumentation, covering variable area, mass flow meters & controllers, laminar flow elements, turbine, positive displacement, bubble, vortex, orifice and venturi meters, with an extensive UKAS accreditation range from 1 cc/minute to 1250 l/second. All flow meter types can be accommodated within the four flow calibration rigs, with inline, suction and blown calibration options. The facility allows for both volume flow and mass flow meter calibrations, and can be completed as a flow rate and batch passed method of calibration. For the lower flow calibration ranges, a range of test gases are available for flow meters that require specific gas composition calibration.

FUTURE The company continues to invest in its calibration technological capabilities and sees further progression in product development support for Electro- Biomedical Equipment manufacturers and micro / nano flow meter manufacturers. The company is soon to launch a web based asset tracking facility, with the impending implementation of Indysoft Calibration Management software enabling closer ties with customers and a common shared information portal for all calibrations passing through the laboratory.

Young Calibration T: 01273 455572


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