Pulse-less metering with Hydra-Cell® W

New Challenges for Test

test stands for function tests in the area of civil and military aviation technology, and for product tests of consumer electronics during the production process. Such complex products require test systems with a high data throughput and extremely precise clock and trigger signals for synchronizing the functions of the test object. These devices can be easily integrated into IIoT networks and offer enough data bandwidth to connect and synchronize the test devices to and with the rest of the production line. Additionally, detailed data is transferred for quality management as well as for documentation. Thanks to its fast data transfer rates with PCIe, paired with the implemented high-precision clock and trigger architecture which synchronizes the cards with each other, PXI Express is very suitable for such test, measurement, and simulation tasks. nVent SCHROFF products are available from specialist electromechanical distributor Foremost Electronics.

and Measurement Systems P

XI Express systems are suited for the tough requirements in simulations for autonomous driving, on

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handle abrasives, liquids with suspended solids and viscous liquids. Solving a lot of problems with chemicals that contain suspended solids or that can form crystals. As well as exceeding API 675 performance criteria, Hydra-Cell’s metering and

dosing pumps are also available to meet ATEX classifications for use in oil & gas applications and chemical & petrochemical processing. Wanner

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New Demag chain hoist features balancer function for intuitive load control L

anner’s Hydra-Cell Metering and Dosing pumps offer all the advantages of conventional metering pumps with several significant additional benefits.

Hydra-Cell pumps are internationally recognised for their ‘no pulse; no problem’ accuracy and reliability for

metering and dosing applications. The virtually pulse-less, linear flow; lowers acquisition costs, due to their compact size and pulsation dampeners are unnecessary. Maintenance cost due to reducing pipe strain and leaking connections are also eliminated in most cases. Reduction in noise levels can also be a big advantage. As with all Hydra-Cell pumps, there are no seals, cups or packing, a design which eliminates leaks, hazards and

the expense associated with seals and packing maintenance, lowering the total lifetime cost of ownership. Hydra-Cell metering solutions unique spring-loaded disc check valves reliably

ifting equipment manufacturer, Demag, has launched a new range of electric chain hoists. The DCBS models feature a compact design and a smart control system,

making material handling and assembly processes simpler and safer. The DCBS is a variable-speed chain hoist based on the company’s proven DCS range and incorporates the Demag D-Grip Servo control handle. Models are available with SWLs of 125 or 160 kg. The DCBS chain hoist benefits from an integrated balancer function, which has been

adopted from the Demag D-BE electric balancer. It enables loads to be guided without the need to actuate the controller. The operator simply moves the load to the desired height with minimum effort and can position it much more precisely, using both hands. Depending upon choice of operator selected or automatic control mode, the DCBS

unit switches between ‘grip control’ and ‘load control’ operating modes, with high- performance sensors facilitating intuitive load control.

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The Gold Standard for Portable Mercury Analysers W

hen breaking containment of hydrocarbon vessels, even though a thorough gas test has proved there is no flammable gas present, the vessel could still present a hazardous health risk from invisible, toxic mercury vapour.

ABLE Instruments offer the Jerome J405 Portable

Mercury Analyser to determine the amount of Mercury vapour at any given location. The Jerome 405 is redefining the portable mercury vapour analyser market by way of significant performance enhancements and modern communication capabilities, combined to create a new option for mercury vapour concentration measurement, spill detection and clean up analysis. It is considered the instrument of choice within the UK Oil and Gas industry, with many major oil companies and operators already taking advantage of its impressive capabilities.

With emphasis on health and safety at the

forefront, reliable, fast and accurate mercury monitoring is vital when breaking containment of pressurised vessels containing hydrocarbons. The Jerome 405 utilises the industry proven, inherently stable and reliable gold film sensor technology and simple one button operation of its predecessor, the Jerome 431-X. The J405 is highly specific for mercury, eliminating interferences common to ultraviolet analysers such as water vapour & hydrocarbons to provide an accurate & repeatable result in just 12 seconds. The ergonomically designed handle, lighter exterior case and significantly lower detection capability (0.5 µg/m3) have reset the bar for portable and simple to use, low-level mercury detection instrumentation.

The Jerome J405 is the go-to instrument for those personnel whose responsibilities include the management of

substances hazardous to health on offshore installations (e.g. occupational health specialists, COSHH assessors, supervisors etc).

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New intelligent and reliable battery chargers for fast

charging and cold environments F

ronius has launched its new generation of battery chargers – the Selectiva 4.0. They offer intelligent functions and a

gentle, energy-efficient process for charging lead-acid batteries. With these chargers, forklift truck operators are equipped for current and future challenges – and can save operating costs, electricity and CO2 at the same time. With power classes ranging from 2 to 30 kilowatt, the

flexible and intelligent Selectiva series have characteristics for charging lead-acid, lead-crystal and CSM batteries with different voltages, simplifying the charging process and saving forklift truck operator’s money. Development of the new chargers kept the customer at

the heart with new functions such as Power Charging to improve rapid charging and Cold Logistics to enhance battery performance at low temperatures, coupled with a five-year product guarantee and future-proof design. The intelligence of the chargers delivers a customised charge tailored to the needs of the battery therefore reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

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