Interroll complements Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP) with stacker crane and transfer car

I Available now –

the new online catalogue from Schmersal


he new online catalogue from Schmersal is available from: Through the

website, Schmersal is showcasing more than 7000 safety and automation products, from straightforward electro- mechanical safety switches to programmable safety control systems and software. The catalogue also includes switchgear for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and components for lift technology. The new online catalogue has a modern design and a

clear, concise structure plus user-friendly search and selection functions. A new feature is the option of access to the external

CADENAS and ePlan platforms, allowing designers to transfer the 3D data for selected products directly to their CAD applications. In addition, UL certificates for components can now be downloaded with ease. Users of the online catalogue can pencil selected

products in the notepad function and request price information and additional information for products quickly and easily by sending an e-mail to the sales teams at the respective Schmersal national organisations.

Schmersal  01684 571980 

MMS Electronics Ltd

nnovative solutions for the fully automatic handling of pallets: With a new stacker crane for dynamic storage and a transfer

car, which enable the fast and safe storage and retrieval of up to 100 pallets per hour, Interroll is expanding its Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP), a flexible modular system for driven pallet conveying. The new products allow users—in seamless interaction with the proven Interroll Pallet Flow dynamic storage system—to implement extremely compact, robust and efficient pallet handling automation solutions that excel with very low planning and installation costs and high energy efficiency.

With the market launch of the stacker crane and the transfer car, companies for the first time have the opportunity

to implement a continuous material flow with pallets—for example between incoming and outgoing goods. Interroll

 01536312770 

Mini displays with DOUBLE HEIGHT characters SPI and I²C M

The double height character option transforms the EA DOGS104

4x10 into a 2x10 or 3x10 line x char display and the EA DOGS164 4x16 into 2x16 (6mm height char) display. The integrated SSD1803A controller has 3/4-wire SPI and 2-wire I²C interface. 3 fonts: Cyrillic, English-Japanese and European. Supply voltage is low power +3.3V. Typical only 440µA (with LED backlight off) makes it ideal for battery powered applications. Display and optional backlights are “mix & match”; there are 3 display variants transmissive, transflective and reflective with a combination of 3 different LED backlights: Amber, dual Yellow-Green/Red and a trio Green/Red/White. For quick evaluation without the need to write any code demo board EA 9780- 4USB is available. MMS Electronics Ltd in Leeds is the authorised UK distributor for Electronic Assembly GmbH / Display Visions.

 01943 877668 

MS Electronics Ltd has available an exceptionally versatile line of DOG (Display-On-Glass) alphanumeric and graphic displays. The DOGS104-A and EA DOGS164-A are small high-contrast easy-to-read STN and FSTN displays.

Gentle, Calm, Steady: the new KNF FP 150 pump T

oday, KNF launches the new FP 150 multi-diaphragm liquid pump. The FP 150 offers linear flow adjustment

from 0.2 to 1.5 l/min, low pulsation and continuous duty up to 2 bar pressure.

Low pulsation is a key feature of the new FP 150. By using

five diaphragms to provide smooth laminar flow, pulsation values are typically below 150 mbar (at the pump outlet) at nominal flow rate and lower still depending on system configuration and running speed. The benefits include greater pumping efficiency, greater flow through your system at lower pressure and no vibration of the pump and tubing – resulting in less stress on system components. In this respect, the new FP 150 fares just as well as gear pumps whilst offering the additional advantages of a diaphragm pump: self-priming, the ability to run dry, chemical and abrasion resistance, no contamination of media, gentle (low- shear) transfer of delicate media, stability with changing viscosity, no cavitation, long service life, etc. Linear adjustment of the flow rate is another strong

feature of the new FP 150. The pump is driven by a 5-wire brushless DC motor with integrated electronics offering linear speed control via either a 0 to 5V control voltage or an inverse PWM signal. Thanks to the stability of the


pump and the laminar flow it produces, the flow rate can be adjusted between 10% and 100% of the nominal flow rate with outstanding linearity. The FP 150 is stable against back pressure (up to 2 bar)

and, with a PTFE-coated diaphragm as standard (FFKM is an option on request) and a choice of FFKM or EPDM valves available, it can pump a wide range of challenging fluids. During its development, the FP 150 has been

intensively tested at several original equipment manufacturers in the USA, UK, Italy and Israel and has already aroused broad interest. The FP 150 is suitable for a wide range of applications

including medical devices, diagnostic instruments, laboratory equipment, industrial inkjet printing, semiconductor, fuels cell and cleaning & disinfection applications.

KNF Neuberger UK Ltd  01993 778373 


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