compact servo drive for demanding positioning applications


esto has expanded its range of servo drives with the introduction of the CMMT-ST. Complementing the

existing CMMT-AS, this new servo drive is equally reliable but much more compact and economical. These characteristics make it ideal for point-to-point and interpolating motion in demanding applications in assembly and handling technology, packaging machines or in the electronics industry.

The CMMT-ST enables

challenging dynamic motions for small servo motors and all stepper motors with a continuous power requirement of up to 300 W. It has a power capacity of 2.5 kW, so requires less cooling than its big brother and needs just half the installation space.

It is particularly suitable

for various Ethernet-based bus systems and can be seamlessly integrated into the controller environments of different manufacturers.

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RK Height Adjustable Monitor Floor Stand W

ith the new height adjustable monitor floor stand, RK Rose+Krieger is expanding its monitor mounting product range to include a robust ergonomic standing

workstation for industry which can be set up quickly and is much more economical than complex workstations.

The work surface and monitor mounting are supported by a stable triple column

system on a black powder coated base frame. The position can be easily adjusted by hand and has an adjustment stroke of 400mm.

The standard version of the stand has feet (steering rollers optional) and a rotary

flange connecting plate. Pre-assembled modules are supplied for quick and easy set- up. The stand can also be combined with all available RK monitor holding components.

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Riello Premix Burners Improve Heating Performance at Prestigious Scottish Site A

burner upgrade project at a prestigious visitor attraction in Edinburgh involved the replacement of the existing 25-year-old burners with Riello ultra-low nitrogen

oxides (NOx) premix burners. The Riello RX1800 1.8MW premix burners, commissioned by contractor T-Squared,

have shown exceptionally low NOx levels of just 9-10ppm (around 20mg/kWh) throughout the modulation range. This is around half the 40mg/kWh maximum required by some local authorities and also below the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) criteria of 24mg/kWh. Consequently, the burner upgrade enabled the aging cast-iron sectional boilers to comply with current and anticipated NOx regulations, as well as improve energy efficiency – thereby extending the life of the boilers. “The client was very keen to improve energy efficiency and meet future standards for NOx emissions, while retaining the existing boilers for a few more years,”

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Laboratory Balance and Scale Q&A Guide

Providing Solutions for the Entire Product Lifecycle

Variohm EuroSensor, TM1 series linear position sensors are designed for simple and direct integration within hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders or harsh-environment machinery. With a working range of up to 2 metres, an absolute positioning resolution of 0.1 mm and no speed limit, the new sensor features Novotechnik’s ‘touchless’ magnetostrictive measurement technology for uncompromised durability, maximum reliability and a mechanically unlimited working life. Aimed at demanding position and speed sensing tasks

Highest durability for in-cylinder position sensing R

Highest durability for in-cylinder position sensing: Novotechnik announce TM1 series linear sensor for mobile hydraulics and harsh-environment industrial equipment

ecently launched by Novotechnik, the advanced measuring technologies leader, and available from

for pressure peaks, with a temperature rating that covers -40 °C to +105 °C. The sensor has a standard protection rating to IP67 and optional to IP69K for the plug-in flange version. Its MTTF life rating is more than 20 years. With a nominal supply voltage of 12…24 VDC, the

on mobile construction equipment, agricultural and industrial machinery, the TM1’s installation flexibility includes integration on single- or double-acting cylinders with a choice of plug-in or screw flange mounting. The cost-effective sensor is also suitable for external

mounting. For in-cylinder applications, high-pressure resistance is guaranteed up to 350 bar and up 450 bar


output signal can be optionally specified for analogue current, voltage or CANopen and CAN SAE J1939 field bus interfaces. Working length is specified in 25 mm intervals from 50 mm up to to 2 metres. The separate ring-shaped magnetic position marker is available in a wide choice of designs to facilitate straightforward installation and both plug-in and screw mount versions can be supplied with flying leads, a bulkhead-mounted connector or a cable and connector.

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Ever wondered what these buzzwords mean? • Resolution • Readability • Accuracy • Safety Factor • Minimum Weight • Tolerances

Or why professional installation and qualification,

preventive maintenance or calibration matter? Over the years, METTLER TOLEDO's weighing experts, sales representatives and maintenance technicians around the world have been asked many questions like this and have put together a selection of the most commonly asked questions - creating the Laboratory Balance and Scale Q&A Guide. The guide is structured according to the life cycle stages, providing answers about balance and scale services, including a weighing term glossary.


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