one-stop manufacturing management system

fully integrated, lean manufacturing management system that can be implemented rapidly and at lower cost by both discrete and process manufacturers. TouchManufacturer uses smart TouchPath technology to manage the manufacturing process and measure its performance for each user, increasing productivity by up to 30% say TouchPath. TouchManufacturer captures data in a timely and


accurate manner for all stages of the manufacturing process. Its inventory control, warehouse performance system tracks raw materials, work in progress, finished goods and shipments in real time and increases visibility throughout the order fulfilment cycle, improving shipping performance and reducing paperwork, inventory/picking errors, transport and administrative costs. TouchManufacturer’s manufacturing execution system

records and displays machine control and other shop floor data accurately and in real time, continuously monitoring production status to enable leaner manufacturing, at lower cost and with less waste.

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nternational supply chain solutions provider TouchPath ( is launching ‘TouchManufacturer’, a

are constantly expanding. Over the last year we’ve integrated IQD Frequency Products into our company, with many of their parts entering the Wurth catalogue. We have also recently unveiled our new Wireless Connectivity & Sensors range, increasing our already wide portfolio of products.

Wurth Electronics UK A

Over the next year, we will be attending multiple tradeshows, including Southern Manufacturing in Farnborough,

Power Electronics Expo in Telford and Engineering Design Show in Coventry. We also bring Lunch & Learn sessions to companies with our Field Application Engineers, bringing a range of topics to your engineering team and free lunch! We also host various seminars around the UK throughout the year in partnership with various companies.

To find out who your local sales representative is, just get in touch and WE will be happy to help and provide

more than you expect! Wurth Electronics

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Inspection Solutions for Packaged Food Manufacturers I

ncreased competition, complex regulatory requirements and cost pressures are key challenges for packaged foods manufacturers. Furthermore, market

requirements for wider product variety and the evolution of packaging trends also creates additional manufacturing needs for brand owners. Learn how METTLER TOLEDO's product inspection solutions can assist with

a variety of production challenges helping to boost productivity, packaging integrity and maintain regulatory compliance. Our latest brochure for packaged food processors highlights how

automated inspection solutions make it easier to detect smaller contaminants, minimise false rejects and boost OEE scores as part of an effective inspection program. Whether you require front-end inspection systems for raw materials prior

to processing, in-line inspection to minimise product waste, or end-of-line inspection to ensure final product quality, we have a solution to address your quality control and productivity challenges.

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s one of the leading brands in the Electronic and Electromechanical Components market, Wurth Electronics

Breathe Easy:

Three ways to wire with addition of lever and push-button terminal blocks

terminal block family. Integrators can now choose between push-button, lever and push-in connection methods for additional flexibility on DIN rail installations. The lever-actuated variant, a world first from WAGO,


is equipped with a lever on the field side, and a push- button or operating tool-actuated connection on the factory side. The clamping point on the field side is opened and closed by hand using the lever, allowing installers to tell at a glance which wires in an assembly are terminated. The lever can also be left open, freeing both hands to connect difficult-to-bend conductors with large cross sections. Versions are available for nominal cross-sections of

2.5 mm², 6 mm² and 16 mm², and in 2- or 3-conductor configurations.

nterconnection specialist WAGO introduces push- button and lever-actuated variants to its TOPJOB S®

The clamping point of the push-button mechanism is

opened with any screwdriver or similar operating tool. Feed-through terminal blocks with push-buttons are available for wire with a cross-section between 0.14 to 25 mm². The push-button terminal block is available in 2-, 3- or 4-conductor variants, which allow push-in connection of solid, seven strand and ferruled conductors. Both the push button and lever actuators are orange in

colour, making them clearly visible for easy identification. All TOPJOB S rail mounted terminal blocks feature

Push-In CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connection, which is 50 percent quicker to wire compared to screws, and immune to loosening over time. The terminal blocks are also resistant to vibration and overcurrent, and free from maintenance, eliminating the need to periodically check and tighten loose connections while improving overall reliability.


New ESAB PAPR provides heavy-duty protection


or heavy-duty protection from welding fume and particulates when welding, gouging and grinding, ESAB

Welding & Cutting Products introduced the new ESAB PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) system at EuroBLECH 2018. The ESAB PAPR features a P3 filter and pre-filter to

remove particulates and the latest control technology, allowing the operator to adjust air flow between 170 and 220 L/min to suit the environment and application. As an extra measure of safety, it incorporates both visual and audible alarms to the alert the operator in the event of a blocked filter or low battery. Compatible helmets include the SENTINEL™ A50 for Air, G30 Air, G40 Air and G50 Air and Warrior™ Tech. Designed with robust construction for all heavy-duty

welding applications, the ESAB PAPR weighs a comfortable 1 kg. Its Li-Ion battery pack provides up to 8hr operation at an air flow rate 220L/min.

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