Babcock Wanson expands its “off the shelf” premium range to cover coil type steam boilers

F Continuous feedback Smart valve position indication from ifm electronic

know whether valves are open or closed. More than that, is the valve opening fully or is it blocked by deposits? Is it closed properly or is the seal wearing?

C ifm electronic presents a new intelligent sensor for

quarter-turn valves: the MVQ smart valve sensor. Open, closed or somewhere in between, MVQ detects any position of the valve with great accuracy and repeatability.

If used as a standard sensor the MVQ will provide three

switched signals for the valve position, but with integrated IO-Link the MVQ really comes into its own, offering far more information about the state of the operation.

ifm u 01461 3200 u

ontrolling the flow of media is crucial, so the PLC and plant operators are working in the dark if they don’t

ollowing the launch of its new Premium Range of fire tube steam boilers in 2017, Babcock Wanson has expanded the range with the addition of coil type steam

boilers. The Premium Range is designed to provide customers with a boiler that meets the very latest safety and operational guidelines at an “off the shelf” price and with shortest practicable delivery time. The latest addition is the VAP Premium Range of fully automated coil type steam

boilers with standard outputs from 150 to 1500 kg/h at a 12 barg design pressure. They are available with a range of control options. VAP Premium Range Coil Type Steam Boilers all feature three full gas passes, plus an

in-built combustion air pre-heater to give high operating efficiency. With availability of steam from a cold start in as little as three minutes and a low volume of water under pressure VAP boilers combine efficiency with safety, even at high working pressure.

Babcock Wanson u 020 8953 7111 u u

Martindale offers a flexible solution to safe isolation M

artindale Electric – UK market leaders in safe isolation – is pleased to announce the arrival of its latest CABLOK series, which provides

installers and maintenance teams with a simple and reliable solution for locking off multiple breakers, switches and valves, to prevent the re- energising of circuits and systems during maintenance, as part of a safe isolation procedure. The latest range of adjustable cable lockouts feature a flexible, PVC-

insulated steel cable which is easy to thread and, can be simply adjusted to suit the required length before locking off with a simple squeeze action. Incorporating a built-in safety hasp, with space for up to six padlocks to be securely fixed, it allows multiple operatives to safely work on the same system. For additional safety, the system cannot be re-energised until all padlocks have been released.

Martindale Electric u 01923 441717 u

Variohm expands weighing indicator range:

New range of weighing indicators offer choice of mounting, interfacing, function and cost


ariohm EuroSensor has added a new line of weighing indicators that will

fulfil the cost and performance requirements for a wide range of counting, check weighing and platform scale applications across industries such as food & beverage, packaging, agricultural equipment, weighbridges and more.

The new W-series offers four models

for DIN-rail and panel mounting with entry level to advanced interfacing and a choice of output, display and interactive functionality. Covering 4 or 8 load cell inputs up to 350 Ω, the range includes an ATEX compatible model and an electronic overload guard for redundant operation.

The cost effective WT1 model has DIN-rail mounting and with either RS232C half-duplex or RS485 full duplex serial

doors may be loaded with ASCII or Modbus RTU protocols to enable communication with a PC or PLC. The indicator has an internal resolution of 16 x 106 counts and a 5 digit, 7 segment LED display has a resolution of 16,000 counts, with a three- key mechanical keyboard providing easy access for pre-programmed functions.

The WT2 weighing indicator builds upon the WT1 with connectivity via PROFIBUS as its default protocol offering

the ability for control in more complex systems. The WT2 also features an optional Ethernet connection which comes with a 128-byte in/out buffer for high-speed PC connections.

For almost any application where DIN-rail mounting is required, the WT14 weighing indicator features RS232 and

RS485 serial ports and a USB device port as standard. Fieldbus options that allow interfacing with the vast majority of supervision devices include PROFINET, DeviceNet, Ethernet (10 to 100 Mbps), Ethernet IP and EtherCAT.

Variohm EuroSensor u 01327 351 004 u CONNECTINGINDUSTRY.COM/IRISHMANUFACTURING T Fulton’s PURE Technology approach

he VSRT is the first steam boiler to emerge from Fulton’s new ‘PURE Technology’ approach, an initiative

that’s resulted in a world-first design that is durable, long- lasting and boasts the highest efficiencies and ultra-low NOx emissions as standard. With over 15 patents pending, the VSRT’s spiral-rib heat

exchanger is a world first. It attains industry-leading heat transfer rates thanks to its unique spiral design, which achieves low stack temperatures by passing the flue gases through a spiral-wound heat exchanger that is fully immersed in water. Commenting, Fulton’s Leigh Bryan

says: “PURE Technology aims to enhance heat transfer, provide class-leading efficiencies, improve steam quality and reduce NOx emissions. “Rather than further-

improve products like our J Series to achieve these goals, PURE Technology – the culmination of Fulton’s clean slate approach to design – challenges the industry status quo on conventional boiler design by engineering solutions that are fit- for-purpose and fully- optimised for all applications.”

Fulton Limited u 0117 972 3322 u


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