With household incomes stretched and a growing array of outdoor heating and lighting options now available, entertaining at home holds huge appeal for consumers, which has boosted sales of grills, says AMA Research. Looking ahead, there is plenty to stimulate further growth in the barbecue market.


lthough fairly mature, the UK barbecue market continues to grow, with barbecuing reported to

represent the UK’s most popular summer home leisure activity. Approximately two-thirds of UK households are estimated to own a barbecue and nearly a fifth is believed to own more than one. Market performance has been strong in the barbecue sector during the period 2013-2016, with growth rates ranging between 8-14% per year, in value terms.

The wide variety of barbecue price points has opened up the market to all types of consumers. While demand is largely driven by replacement purchases, suppliers are encouraging consumers to trade up to more expensive models as items are replaced; for example, there is strong interest in gas and hooded barbecues when trading up. This has led to the average selling price per unit steadily increasing in recent years.

Affordable al fresco

While the British weather is unpredictable, the availability of outdoor heating and lighting has made dining in the garden a more appealing option, something which has stimulated growth.

When consumer disposable income is stretched, cooking and socialising at home may be perceived as a more affordable option, especially for younger age groups with families. Demand can increase significantly during exceptionally good weather or coinciding with key sporting and other events, and conversely, decline during poorer spells of weather.

16 DIY WEEK 21 JULY 2017 Given their versatility for all-

year-round cooking (weather permitting), ease of cleaning and ability to set up and cook food quickly for larger groups, it is estimated that gas barbecues have seen a slight increase since our previous report, and now account for an estimated 62% of the product mix by value, given their higher price point.

Nevertheless, charcoal barbecues

remain the dominant type of barbecue by volume, with this sector including disposable barbecues. Other barbecues include “DIY- build” barbecues, which offer brick- built designs to create a permanent fixture in a garden with a selection of charcoal supports and grilling facilities. This category includes electric and infrared barbecues.

Premium grills and innovation to drive growth

Into the medium-term, the trend towards more expensive barbecues with additional functionality and a focus on ease of use and cleaning, is likely to continue. Growth rates going forward are expected to be more moderate than in the past few years, with AMA Research forecasting a 22% value increase between 2016-2021. In addition to increasing demand, this estimate reflects price increases following exchange rate fluctuations on imported units. Charcoal barbecues are likely to

remain popular and are preferred by some as a more authentic outdoor cooking experience, with more sophisticated models raising the average selling price. Product innovation is continuing with a vast array of models now available to improve the cooking experience, for example, infrared burners allowing

UK Barbecue Market -

Product Mix by Value 2016 3%


Charcoal Gas

Other 62%

faster cooking and in addition, there has been a growth in demand for smaller and portable units such as table top and folding barbecues, for those with more limited space or to use when camping/caravanning or at festivals.

The availability of a broader range of ancillary items, which favour cooking and entertaining outdoors has helped to promote the idea of barbecue cooking. These include banquet tables, fridges and preparation areas on the one hand; and oven drawers, pizza stones, side burners and spits on the other. The accessories market including barbecue and patio heater fuel such as gas, wood and charcoal - barbecue accessories and utensils, patio heaters and chimeneas, is estimated to be worth around £130m in 2017, at retail selling prices.

Following a significant decline in 2012 due to poorer weather, the accessories market improved significantly 2013-14 and while

growth has continued there has been evidence of slowing growth from 2015 onward. Given the already high levels of ownership of barbecues, the fuel and barbecue accessories sectors are forecast to continue to grow accordingly. The wide availability of barbecue accessories across a variety of channels, both online and offline, is likely to mean strong price competition will remain a feature of the market. Patio heaters have gained in popularity and enable the garden area to be enjoyed for longer during the day and potentially later into the season. Charcoal or wood burning chimeneas and fire pits are now widely stocked across a variety of retailers and have represented key areas of growth in recent years.

More information is available in the Domestic Garden Leisure Market Report – UK 2017-2021 Analysis’ report which is published by AMA

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