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a str ong focus.

r etail business he is trying to cr in the UK now shakes of identity. “It’s really

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, Mr Davis insists that the eate

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thr ee-to-five years, adding that he does not “see a long-term futur e for Homebase” . He explained that, when repositioning the Homebase kitchen business, Bunnings walked away from around £50 million- worth of business. “It was a big call,” he said.

Bunnings wants to have what Mr Davis describes as a “far less complex execution ar ound kitchens” and now provides a fixed carcass offer supplied the Moores Group. The firm is currently undergoing the costly pr ocess of changing the kitchen displays instor e but is, naturally, mindful of the fact that, mindful stor es in the Homebase estate will

ff fer supplied the M

strategically that Bunnings starts where it wants to be and isn’t influenced by a business called Homebase. Bunnings has to be standalone and has a strategy of its own.” He confirmed plans to cease trading fr om stor es under the Homebase banner within the next ears, adding that he

be closed and refitted as Bunnings, so this needs to be done in an economic way. Wea e changing all the doors on the displays, so they are now fr om our Italian supplier and Moores. This means we can go back to Homebase to having a kitchen of fer but it will be a fixed carcass offer or component of fer without installation.”

wa .“We r Bunn in gs has d one t his in 10 stor es to date. “Some of the stor es

have had some doors r emoved because we had to do 30,000 doors”, said Mr Davis. “But we did not want to invest in a whole range of new kitchen displays and then, next year demolish them all. Wher e’s the

ear demolish them all. Wher sense in that?” Bunnings

Bunnings will not of fer finance schemes or inter est fr ee on kitchens and bathrooms because, as Mr Davis jokes, “we’re not a bloody bank!” but explained that it is not

in keeping with the company ethos to tie customers into deals that they may not be able to af for d.

but explained that it is not

“Anyone who thinks inter est fr ee is fr ee, you’re kidding yourself. All you have to do is miss one payment and you get penalised. I don’t want our brand associated with inter est- free terms and people who can’t afford to make their r epayments because of massive interest rates. s culturally aligned


We don’t think it’s cultura with us as a business.”

A clelear kitchen strategy

Forget the discounts and finance schemes, Bunnings has one clear strategy

in mind w hen selli ng

“We’re going to sell kitchens on quality and price, and fashion. We’re going to offer a mar ket- leading kitchen at r eally great prices and we’r e going to give customers the service they need and deserve.” ll of fer delivery of these

kitchens and that is a good product at a good price. We


ranges in seven days rather than the 28-day wait some customers face when ordering from other stor es. Referencing the success of the

Bunnings wi fer deliv ranges in seven da


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