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I Run the Country

Henry Harington finds salvation in the shape of a pair of Skechers Max Cushioning Elite trainers

I run the country. Not THE country – I wouldn’t claim that (especially these days!), but the country, as in the rocky and muddy trails where I live. I have learned over the years that not only do I prefer running in the open spaces, under the trees or along rivers on natural paths, but that is good for me. I do have a problem. I have been told my one leg is longer than the other

(I can never remember which one) and, whether it is Shank’s Pony suffering uneven distribution or some other cause, I do suffer from backache. And since I have your undivided attention, I also have problems with my knees. At this stage, the editor of Footwear Today has censored my article as I went on in some detail about several other medical complaints from which I suffer, and I thought would interest my readers, but she felt they were not relevant to the article. Your loss I am afraid, my hypochondria is a source of endless fascination, to me at least. As I was saying with one leg shorter than the other (or whatever it is) I find running on roads a trial. I find the jarring of the tar shudders through my joints and results in soreness. So, I prefer the more forgiving surfaces of the fields and moors. But, as you know, we have had wet weather of late. Last winter seemed

exceptionally wet and the summer, except for a couple of super-heated days was not much better. Where I live on the moors in the West Country there has not been more than a couple of rainless days for months. The result is that running in the countryside is a chore. There are two hazards in particular. I don’t mind running in mud and my normal running shoes have good lugs that give me grip. But when the persistent wet weather has contributed to my favourite runs being nothing less than a quagmire, it ceases to be fun. The other problem is rocks. Rocks are, surprisingly, not a problem normally. I guess as a trail runner one gets used to them and the eye and brain learn to adapt and one’s foot seems to find the ground between the rocks or on the embedded rocks. The constant rain and the warm weather have resulted in green, slimy growth on the rocks that makes the rock surfaces dangerously slippery.

Cushioning Running in the countryside all became too much slipping and sliding, falling over, straining muscles and spraining joints. However, then came salvation in the shape of a pair of Skechers Max Cushioning Elite trainers I was asked to road test for Footwear Today. Skechers say the shoes offer A cushioned comfort running and walking design on an ULTRA GO® cushioned platform. I will be honest with you: I don't know what that means in technical terms, but in terms of cushioning and comfort, it certainly made a huge difference.

I switched to road running because of the conditions on my normal tracks

and trails. The cushioning construction of the Skechers trainers was a relief to the normal impacts of running on the road. The trainers delivered a good and sufficient grip on the road surfaces. Skechers say that this trainer has a “mid-foot strike zone” that promotes

efficiency in each stride and forefoot flex grooves aid in flexibility and promote a smooth transition. This combination of features gives the footwear stability and a consistent “ride” on tarmac and pavement surfaces. Although the Skechers Max Cushioning Elite trainers are not sold as an

orthopaedic shoe, they offer all the support and comfort to those of us who have well-used bodies that need a bit of pampering!

Product Description: Add more cushioned comfort and response to your run with the Skechers Max Cushioning Elite™. A cushioned comfort running and walking design on an ULTRA GO® cushioned platform.

Details: • Upper: Virtually seamless engineered mesh fabric upper provides breathability and comfort

• Midsole: Cushioned responsive ULTRA GO™ comfort platform • Outsole: Lightweight, durable and flexible parametric web outsole provides multi-surface traction

• Forefoot flex grooves aid in flexibility and promote a smooth transition • Mid-foot strike zone promotes efficiency in each stride • 6mm heel drop height • 2 inch heel height

STYLE: 54430 CCRD / 54430 BKBL

Trade: £38.50 RRP: £80.00 16 • FOOTWEAR TODAY • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2021

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