Dedicated industrial Ethernet network and cable tester is ‘the first of its type’


deal Networks has launched what it claims is the first purpose-built, handheld network tester for

commissioning, maintaining and troubleshooting Profinet and standard Ethernet IP networks, using either copper of fibre optics. The rugged NaviTek IE troubleshooter simplifies testing of both cabling and networks that use the Profinet protocol. Ideal says that, previously, a laptop with specialist software has been needed to identify and test network nodes and for configuration. The touchscreen tester includes tools specific to the

needs of Industrial Ethernet, where packet delivery time is critical. It can help to pinpoint potential issues before a network fails. A “traffic light” health check provides a quick indication of how each device is performing. Clicking on the device provides further details of any issues, allowing corrective actions to be taken.

EGE Custom-assembled level sensors with guided microwave

EGE offers to configure level controllers with guided microwave according to customer specifications.


ased on its proven standard level gauge, the German manufacturer is able to adapt the sensors to suit

various tank geometries, mounting conditions, or demanding media in no time. Options include angled probes that can be mounted on the side of tanks. EGE employs special materials such as Hastelloy or titanium to manufacture probes for use in aggressive media. EGE also specifically adapts the sensors to dielectric

constants and to the temperature ranges of the liquid to be measured to ensure precise results in challenging media and cramped installation conditions.

Ideal Networks  01925 428 380 

EGE  

Eagle Eye Networks Launches 4G/LTE Mobile Camera MC01 for Commercial Surveillance Applications The Eagle Eye Mobile Camera MC01 is an enhanced version of the 4G/LTE consumer NuboCam Security Camera, specifically aimed at commercial applications


agle Eye Networks, the #1 provider of cloud video surveillance worldwide, today announced the Eagle Eye Mobile Camera MC01 which is available immediately via its reseller partners.

The MC01 is a small 4G/LTE camera for use in locations that have difficulty with standard internet access. Eagle Eye Networks is also making mobile data plans available so that channel partners can provide a complete solution to their customers. The Eagle Eye MC01 is designed specifically for remote applications, temporary installations,

or changing environments where standard Internet connectivity is not easily available. The MC01 is ideal for temporary installations. The MC01 provides direct camera to cloud connectivity, plug and play installation, advanced person detection analytics and state-of-the-art cyber security. The MC01 is a 2 Megapixel camera that records directly to the cloud, provides alerts and notifications, and can be viewed from full featured mobile apps. “The Eagle Eye Mobile Camera MC01 is another step on the path of bringing all the security

camera video that customers have and need, into a single secure cloud managed solution” said Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. The Eagle Eye Mobile Camera MC01 will be fully integrated into the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS

platform later this year, until then the new camera operates on a stand alone cloud recording system. The Eagle Eye Mobile Camera MC01 has the following specifications: Indoor and Outdoor

capabilities, 2.43 MegaPixel Resolution, 3G/4G and Wifi connectivity, 2.8 mm Lens, Wide Angle View (138º), Night Vision IR Led with 10m range, Waterproof, Two Way Audio.

Serving clients with different security camera needs: The Eagle Eye Mobile Camera MC01 has been utilized in many applications including: 1) Remote industrial sites, 2) Remote storage facilities, 3) Crop monitoring, 4) Temporary construction, 5) Garages, 6) Building Stairwells, 7) Festivals, 8) Oil and Gas pumping stations, 9) Remote Water Cleaning Facilities, 10) Ship Locks, and 11) Health and Home Care Applications. The Eagle Eye Mobile Camera can be used indoors and outdoors on 4G, or on Wifi and 4G combined. When combined, the 4G is used as a back-up to the Wifi connectivity. The Eagle Eye MC01 can function with a customer’s mobile data plan or with a data plan available from Eagle Eye Networks.

The Eagle Eye Mobile Camera MC01 is derived from Eagle Eye NuboCam The Eagle Eye MC01 is a simple to install plug and play camera derived from the successful consumer focused NuboCam. NuboCam, launched in 2015 was the world’s first 4G / LTE camera and remains available to consumer customers on the NuboCam website at The new commercial Eagle Eye Mobile Camera MC01, however, has additional capabilities, robustness, integrations, more flexible recording plans, and more comprehensive data plans. It has been upgraded and designed to meet the needs of commercial customers.

Eagle Eye  +31 (0) 20 26 10 460  Automation | April 2019 45 Addition to the KABELSCHLEPP Metool range

Special cable systems for cleanrooms: Cleanveyor and Flatveyor


ith Cleanveyor and Flatveyor, KABELSCHLEPP Metool offers two innovative systems which were specially

designed for cleanrooms with the highest cleanroom classifications. Cables and hoses are guided in flexible, yet robust sheathing. This design is not only particularly lightweight, quiet and space saving, but also ensures little to no abrasion. The Flatveyor is a flat cable system as per ISO

cleanroom class 2, with internal support elements to allow travel lengths of up to 3 meters and speeds of up to 2 meters per second. The support elements act as reliable guides which can be moved in one direction along the intended bending radius, whereby the cables and hoses are guided reliably. For smooth running, the system moves along the minimum bending radius of the cables, whereby a small pitch reduces noise and vibrations during operation.


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