INDUSTRY UPDATE Wieland's Samos® Plan 6

minimises time, effort and mistakes whilst boosting efficiency


New SP8 Load Cell from HBM Provides a Dynamic Solution


ow available from HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – is the new SP8 single-

point load cell, which provides a precise and cost- effective solution for multi-head combination weighers.

Designed to meet the requirements of today’s

dynamic weighing applications, the new SP8 single-point load cell features a compact design and can be easily integrated into a range of multi-head combination weighers.

Built for capacities ranging from 5 to 100 kg, the SP8

load cell from HBM provides greater accuracy and features a C3 accuracy class for reliable results.

Manufactured in stainless steel, the PW12C load cell

has an IP67 degree of protection rating, meaning that the range is dustproof, protected against low-pressure water jets, and can be immersed in water up to 1 m, for up to 30 minutes.

HBM  01525 304980 

MVK Fusion

…is an opportunity to standardize modular processes, opening the door to a one-module strategy


Power distribution to field sensors and other sub circuits, with built in Alarm for easy Maintenance


he DRT-8AF 24V power distribution, fuse blown alarm indicating module is a DIN rail mounting module, that

allows users up to 2 groups of 4 fused supply outlets. Each fused channel has an alarm isolating link and can handle up to 5A, however a maximum total of only 32A max is allowed for the module. A 10ch version FSC960 and a 6ch version FSC1027 without isolating links are also available.

Bussmann GMT fuse blown indicating Fuses are

available in 18 different ratings should a fuse blow then a common module alarm signal is generated that can be connected to a Supervisory system allowing maintenance engineers to be quickly informed of the problem and the location.

Colter Group  01371-876887 

44 April 2019 | Automation

This combination is new and innovative. It enables unique and groundbreaking automation concepts to be realized. Installation becomes simpler and faster. MVK Fusion makes complex configurations easier

because they can be done entirely by the engineering tool in the safety control system. Software developers and electrical engineers no longer need in-depth knowledge of other manufacturers' tools and manuals. MVK Fusion makes it possible to have fewer fieldbus

modules per unit. Some applications might only require a single module. This opens up new opportunities for many automation applications!

Murrelektronik  0161 72831-33 

The PROFINET/PROFIsafe module unites three basic functions of installation technology:

• Standard digital sensors and actuators • Safety digital sensors and actuators • IO-Link

Field Programmable Vibration Sensor

4-20 mA transmitter with HART protocol T

he Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies PCH420 available through KDP Electronic systems, is the first HART

compatible vibration transmitter for simplified condition monitoring of process systems. PCH420 sensors offer seamless integration to host automation systems enabling low-cost installations and remote monitoring capabilities. Identifying slight variances in machinery performance can prevent serious defects such as bearing faults, gear defects, lubrication issues and pump cavitation. PCH420 sensors output reliable vibration data over HART networks, reducing the cost of maintenance and extending the lifetime of critical rotating equipment.

Three programmable frequency bands provide

enhanced root cause analysis. The cause of excessive vibration can be quickly determined and appropriate action taken. Pinpointing the specific causes of abnormal vibration enables time and cost effective maintenance decisions and eliminating guesswork.

KDP Electronics Systems  01767 651058 

ieland Electric’s samos® PLAN 6 project planning tool is an extremely user friendly programming

software with the option of automatic or manual configuration. samos® PLAN 6 works in conjunction with samosPRO COMPACT programmable safety controller, a compact safety solution that offers all of the benefits associated with much larger and much more complex units. Measuring only 45mm in width, samosPRO COMPACT provides up to 20 safe inputs and 8 safe outputs utilising 4 switchable safe in-/outputs, the system can be extended with additional modules to as many as 116 secure inputs and 56 secure outputs and any number in between. samosPRO COMPACT PLUS version offers enhanced features such as safe monitoring of motors, drives and shafts. Thanks to the multi-screen feature, you can see many

pages at once or work with many displays, dock, undock or attach working windows in samos® PLAN 6 or detach each window from the main window.

Wieland Electric  01483 531213 

MULTILINE E - Multi-media connector T

he MULTILINE E is a modular, multiple and multi-media connector that makes it possible to combine many

different types of operating media such as compressed air, gases, fluids, electrical and electronic signals in one interface. It is designed for convenient use in control cabinets, tools, and machine components. The unique feature of the MULTILINE E is that electrical connections and media can be connected simultaneously in one drip- free connection.

Maximum modularity in the industrial environment • One interface for compressed air, gases, fluids, electrical and electronic signals

• Maximum modularity due to freely configurable connections

• Different media can be connected and disconnected simultaneously

• Integrated coding patterns in the housings prevents incorrect connections

• Easy, tool-free mounting and dismounting • Locking lever reduces the manual force needed for assembly

• Shorter machine set-up times

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