Omair Javaid, Director of DG Group Nottingham, and Shaz Ali, Director of 247 Cars Walsall, share their vision behind their recent joint acquisition of City Taxis in Lichfield - a taxi business based in a territory between their two core areas of operation; although PHTM

is aware this may not be a first; the way the two companies approach collaboration is certainly unique.

WHAT MAKES YOU SO DIFFERENT? Both companies agree that they have helped improve each other’s business through a common structure, and by discussing problems and finding solutions. They stress that trust is the big difference, with an open and transparent access all area approach to data sharing. Furthermore, they are not only willing explain what they’re doing, but also show each other how to do it.

WHAT DRIVES YOUR GROWTH MIND-SET? They have FOUR main focal points:

• One brand – one vision • Long term plan • Accountability

• Buying power

Although, the one brand is still a work in progress both companies follow a single vision which is detailed in a simple two-page document which answers the most important questions that will drive traction and forward momentum.

WHAT DOES YOUR DOCUMENT COVER? • Core values: a set of timeless principles to guide our staff • Core focus: we can’t be everything to everyone • Long-term target: we need a larger-than-life goal and not be afraid to say it out loud publicly

• Marketing strategy: this must make sense and be inter- twined with the core focus

• Three-year picture: gives rationalisation to the current year • One-year plan: goals set and then dissected into more manageable milestones to help take controlled steps to reach long-term targets.

• 90 day objectives: people lose interest beyond 90 days so we mix it up to maintain momentum

• Long-term issues: if something cannot be solved short term then we stack rather than lose it.

CAN YOU EXPLAIN YOUR MANAGEMENT TOOLS? Most companies rely on the individual manager’s opinion about what tool to use for any given issue. However, we always use the same tools. We believe that it is not the decision that matters, but how we have reached that decision.

Help Mindset: When companies “hit the ceiling”- this is the place where most of the danger lies because when humans do


not know what to do next, they get frustrated. That can lead to the blame game, causing irreparable damage to cohesion. We encourage unfiltered conflict without pointing the finger. Accountability: This is assured by a clear chart focused on the role rather than the people. Clear lines of responsibility are marked out and our managers are given periodic training on how to lead, manage and account, ensuring they perform tasks on time and their team do the same. Regular Communication: We meet regularly at a set time for a set period every week and the whole cycle is a time man- agement tool. Short Term Focus: When we have decided what needs to be done, we break that down into convenient time delimited tar- gets which everyone aims to achieve as part of a team effort. No one wants to let the team down so will go all out to produce on time every time. Keeping a performance score underpins what happens at our meeting because we believe what gets measured gets done. All the above helps achieve a high degree of organisational health and this is something that is also mea- sured every quarter.

JOIN US IN OUR VISION OF THE FUTURE: Smaller companies normally have to work in the business but we will help people work on the business as well. Size is not the key driver; a growth mindset is. Traditionally taxi companies will ask each other what they’re doing for adver- tising or how to get more work. However, the answers to these questions will not solve the woes.

We started this and now invite others to join us, all stake- holders need to have the same outlook and be paddling in the same direction. Our values and core focus help us align with people who are the right fit, 100% of the time.

Collaboration is not something new, many have tried but not been able to make it work successfully. We think we have the processes and accountability in place to make it work but also add value to everyone involved. Once the first project is successful and gaining traction this entire process can be replicated successfully from one city to another. This replication gives recognition to the single brand which will increase our buying power and influence.

Having a vision is the easy part, but making the vision a reality is the difficult bit. Our focus is to get the right people in the right seats and keep executing the vision relentlessly.

If you want to execute our vision, contact: Shaz Ali 07976 328250 or email or

We are open to collaboration but will also consider acquisition. MAY 2021

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