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JANUARY 2020 News Bulletin

Dear Member

Welcome to this News Bulletin from the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS). This bulletin is available in PDF and eReader format from the IIMS website. It aims to keep members and non- members up to date with information on a monthly basis. Members are encouraged to share and forward this newsletter to colleagues, who they think might like to join the Institute, or who may be interested in its content. For more information about the Institute visit:

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Let me start by wishing you, your family and loved ones all the very best for 2020. We are at the beginning of a bright new decade and I hope this coming year proves to be a progressive one for you.

The year 2020 is set to be an exciting and challenging one, both for the marine industry and for your Institute too. The IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap comes into force this month, the most dramatic change to impact the marine sector in the last 50 years some would say. Only time will tell how this new regulation rolls out. As for IIMS, we are committed to and will continue to develop a selection of new benefits and great events for members to take advantage of as well as seeking to push the profession of marine surveying to the fore at every opportunity! Marking time in today’s world is the equivalent of going backwards!

The changing political landscape in the UK in the past few weeks means leaving the EU is now a reality for Britain. What that means practically at this stage is impossible to know. But it seems inevitable as we move towards departure that the UK’s status with the rest of Europe will look rather different. In due course, no doubt, I will be able to provide some further clarity.

As we continue our progress towards the anticipated purchase of Murrills House in the coming months, I would like to remind you that the opportunity to make a donation towards the maintenance fund in exchange for a Founder’s Plaque on the wall in the premises remains open until 31 March. We have received the most generous donations so far. See inside this bulletin for details and I thank you in advance for any donation you may choose to make, no matter how small.

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