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A big congratulations to the following Mary- land sires who have topped the USEF Sires Lists for the 2019 season. • Dressage Breeding Champion - Pikko Del Cerro H (Hilltop Farm) • Eventing Sire of the Year - Black Fox Farm Incognito (Black Fox Farm) • Hunter Breeding Champion - Rosenthal (High Point Hanoverians) An additional shout out to High Point Ha-

noverians in Chestertown on being named USEF’s Leading Breeders of 2019!

New NRHA Amateur Divisions T e National Reining Horse Association

Executive Committee has approved conditions for a trial phase of an amateur division. For the 2020 season, any NRHA-approved non pro derby can off er an amateur division if it meets the following criteria: • To compete in the amateur division, the same horse/rider must be cross-entered into the NRHA-approved non pro derby. T e show con- ditions will govern which level(s) must be entered. • T ere will only be one level of amateur. Add- ed money cannot exceed half of the Level(L) 4 added money. • Riders entering the amateur division must be

non pros as defi ned in the NRHA Handbook. • Riders must abide by the non pro ownership

rules as outlined in the NRHA Handbook. • During the test period, this will be classifi ed as a Category 11 class. • All other NRHA rules apply. T e following riders are excluded from com- peting in the amateur division: • Youth riders - as defi ned by the NRHA

youth membership requirements • legal dependents of professional equine

trainers - defi ned as being offi cially claimed as a dependent on a tax return • spouses and legal partners/mates of profes-

sional equine trainers – when the civil status is legally and lawfully registered in the county/ state of residence • anyone who has exceeded NRHA lifetime

earning of $100,000 in Categories 2, 6 and 8 as of December 31, 2019 • anyone who is currently eligible for Level (L) 4 non pro only. All venues wishing to host an amateur divi- sion must get pre-approval from NRHA.

Hankins Win Wing Award

On January 10, the Maryland Hunt Cup As- sociation announced the presentation of the S. Bryce Wing award to Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Hankin, steeplechase horse owners, sponsors, industry leaders and land preservationists. T e Wing trophy is given annually to recognize an outstanding contribution to Maryland timber racing. S. Bryce Wing was a member of the Maryland Hunt Cup Association from 1939 until his death in 1975. T e Hankins have run horses in the Maryland

T e highest number of new lesson students at a single facility was 35. Facilities with fewer than 15 lesson horses averaged 8.6 new stu- dents while those with 15 or more lesson horses gained an average of 9.8 students. “We are just blown away by the success of this

program,” Time To Ride Program Manager Molly O’Brien stated. “We all recognize the need to bring newcomers into the horse industry. Time To Ride provides a platform for introducing kids to horses and riding lessons with the goal of cre- ating the next generation of knowledgeable, edu- cated horse lovers and owners.”

Additional Staff Hired for Mary- land 5* at Fair Hill

Maryland Hunt Cup Committee co-secretaries Elza- beth McKnight and Nancy Roberts present Ann and Mike Hankin with the 2019 S. Bryce Wing trophy.

Hunt Cup 15 times, starting with Bug River, who won the Hunt Cup in 2004. In addition, the Hankins have run horses in the Grand National 12 times, My Lady’s Manor 20 times and in Legacy Chase timber races 11 times. As owners, they have had 98 starts in Maryland timber races. Michael Hankin has long served as President

and Chairman of the Land Preservation Trust, which is involved with preserving and manag- ing Shawan Downs. He also served for several years as Hunt Secretary, and then President, of the Greenspring Valley Hounds and is current- ly the Director of the National Steeplechase Association.

Time To Ride Pilot Program Success

In 2019, the American Horse Council ex- panded its annual Time to Ride initiative to create a network of farms across the country with the goal of introducing horses to new people. Sixty two lesson programs were ac- cepted into the program’s pilot year and surveys conducted by AHC showed that 72% of these facilities gained new lesson students.

T e Sport and Entertainment Corporation of Maryland announced on January 16 the addition of three new staff members to the team producing the Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill. T e new staff will execute event manage- ment, partnership sales and promotion for the annual Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill competi- tion. T e inaugural event is scheduled for Oc- tober 15-18 of this year. New to the team are Kim Marshall (Se-

nior Event Director), Kaitlyn McNerney (Di- rector of Partnerships) and Kaleigh Collett (Marketing Coordinator). Before joining the team, Kim Marshall pro- duced several large-scale outdoor events in- cluding signature events for the award-winning National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washing- ton, D.C., and Star-Spangled Spectacular in Baltimore. In her new role, Marshall will man- age and oversee all activities that take place at the Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill, creating and implementing a comprehensive site, venue and operational plan for the event and related ac- tivities at the site. Kaitlyn McNerney has more than ten years’

experience in event planning, marketing and sales, most recently serving as the Develop- ment Director of the Cystic Fibrosis Founda- tion’s Maryland Chapter. In her role with the Five Star, McNerney will manage and oversee all aspects of the Sponsorship/Partner cam- paign, Hospitality, and Fan Experience. Kaleigh Collett has competed in eventing

for more than a decade, with four years of ex- perience working in the horse industry, most recently with the Washington International


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