Congratulations to the 2019 BEST Champions and Reserves!

2019 Special Awards Junior Rider of the Year - Olivia Brown

Adult Amateur Rider of the Year - Annie Renzetti Trainer of the Year - Leann Smith

Horse of the Year - Elinor, owned by Lynn Russell

Pony of the Year - All Eyes On Me, owned by Ashley Garrido The BEST Parent Award - Mark Green and Mark Jeffrey The Tammie DiMichele Memorial Award - Bernadette Garrett

Ring 1 - MHSA Divisions

MHSA Lead Line Champion Keira Huntington Reserve Nathaniel Hanbury MHSA Short Stirrup Equitation Champion Olivia Pope Reserve Samantha Garrido MHSA Short Stirrup Hunter Champion Better Than A Bentley Reserve Day Lilly MHSA Pleasure Pony Champion All Eyes On Me Reserve Windy Way's Lady Like MHSA Low Pony Hunter Champion Shh Don't Tell Daddy Reserve Al Capony MHSA Small / Med Pony Hunter Champion Toy Machine Reserve Snips and Snails MHSA Large Pony Hunter Champion All Eyes On Me Reserve Moonlight McDreamy MHSA Low Children's Hunter Horse Champion Louis Vuitton Reserve Final Destination MHSA Low Adult Amateur Hunter Champion Elinor Reserve About Time MHSA Children's Hunter Horse Champion So It Goes Reserve Reve de Souvenirs MHSA Adult Amateur Hunter Champion Class Act Reserve Edeling Vande Kroon

Ring 2 - Saturday Divisions

MHSA Low Hunter Champion Elinor Reserve Houston MHSA Thoroughbred Hunter Champion Houston Reserve Cloud Nine MHSA Working Hunter Champion Tempted Reserve My Magic Lark Maryland Saddlery Adult Hunter Classic Finals Champion Houston Reserve Cloud Nine Open English Equitation Champion Kara Knott Reserve Lainie Mikeska Green Hunter Champion BeTempted Reserve Airborne MHSA Pleasure Horse Champion Avenue Reserve Anthem 2' Schooling Hunter Champion Anthem Reserve Theodore OTTB Green Hunter Champion Zangria Reserve Infatuation 2’3” Schooling Hunter Champion Solve The Puzzle Reserve Bryn Taran Skylark

Ring 2 - Sunday Unrated Divisions

Short Stirrup Equitation Champion Lucia Bellafiore Reserve Lily Blackistone Short Stirrup Pleasure Champion What About Bob Reserve Hooked On Onyx Long Stirrup Equitation Champion Abigail Pitman Reserve Adaline Ruff Reserve Ella Muschlitz Long Stirrup Pleasure Champion Beam Me Up Scotty Reserve Best Buddy Novice Hunter Rider Champion Kaitlyn DeNinno Reserve Ella Muschlitz Open Pleasure Champion Louis Vuitton Reserve Express Jet Pony Hunter Champion What About Bob Reserve Splash of Blue Junior Hunter Champion Confession Reserve Timeflies Adult Amateur Hunter Champion Express Jet Reserve Aetnas Red Horizon Open Hunter Champion Sweet but Psycho Reserve Syncopated Rhythm BEST Junior Equitation Medal Finals Champion Alexis Kinney Reserve Sofia Herbert Maryland Saddlery Junior Hunter Classic Finals Champion Splash of Blue Reserve Roadhouse

Ring 4 - Beginner / Green Ring

Green Horse & Pony Champion Racing To Win Reserve Skip to My Tripp Green Pleasure Walk / Trot Champion Zipline Reserve Racing To Win Jr / Sr Equitation Walk/Trot Champion Tracy Reade Reserve Julie M. Raley Jr / Sr Pleasure Walk/Trot Champion Mon Petit Chou Reserve Intrepid English Lead Line 4 & Under Champion Keira Huntington Reserve Morgan C. Raley | 800-244-9580

English Lead Line 5-7 Years Old Champion Hinton McDermott Reserve Beckett Safa Equitation Walk - 10 & Under Champion Paige Lynham Reserve Emily Hall MHSA Mini Stirrup Equitation Champion Alana Smalls Reserve Taylor Kipp Mini Stirrup Eq W/T 8 & Under Champion Alana Smalls Reserve Macy Lee Keen Mini Stirrup Pleasure W/T 8 & Under Champion H.H. Mr. Good Lookin’ Reserve Toy Box

Mini Stirrup Equitation W/T 9-10 Champion Karleigh Kacelowicz Reserve Emmy Cox-Franklin Mini Stirrup Pleasure W/T 9-10 Champion Ever So Clever Reserve Woodlands Later Gator Mini Stirrup Equitation W/T 11-14 Champion Ryan Fellner Reserve Addison Kacelowicz Mini Stirrup Pleasure W/T 11-14 Champion King of Hearts Reserve Sugar Rush Baywood Farms Eq Medal Finals Champion Brooke Chaney Reserve Summer Chestnut

Ring 3 - Pleasure & Equitation Divisions

Classics Pleasure Walk-Trot Champion Just Kidding Reserve The Full Monty Classics Pleasure Go-As-You-Please Champion Montague Reserve Just Kidding Classics Cross Rail Classic Finals Champion Cinnamon Twist Reserve Just Kidding

Senior English Pleasure Champion The Full Monty Reserve Willowbend's Ticket To Ride MHSA Junior Equitation Champion Mackenzie Bingham Reserve Riley McLaughlin MHSA Adult Equitation Champion Martha McCurdy Reserve Kelly Quinn

Ring 3 - Jumper Divisions

18” Beginning Jumpers Champion Willowbend's Ticket To Ride Reserve Miss Steel Magnolia 2' Jumpers Co-Champion Rocket Power Co-Champion Winter Is Coming 2'3" Jumpers Champion High Maintenance Reserve Neverland’s Tinkerbell MHSA Open 2'6" Jumpers Champion Owns This Town Reserve High Maintenance OTTB 2'6" Jumpers Champion Flying Punch Reserve Gabriel's Grand 2'9" Jumpers Champion Second Chances Reserve CMA No Worries MHSA Children/Adult Jumper Champion Gwen Reserve Luna 3' Jumpers Champion CMA Pop Tarrt Reserve Second Chances 3'3" Jumpers Champion CMA Pop Tarrt BEST Low Jumper Challenge Finals Champion Vicktoria Reserve High Maintenance BEST High Jumper Challenge Finals Champion It Must Be Magic Reserve Gwen



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