4-7 Marc Ostwald Global Financial Stability:


Choppier Waters Ahead? Financial markets have been fixated for most of the past two years on trade tensions, above all those between the US and China, and the tortured process of the UK’s decision to leave the EU, a.k.a. Brexit.

8-9 Mickael Soussant The Slow Death of the

Alan Bush Stock Index Futures - Don’t

22-25 Blu Putnam

Fight the Fed “Don’t fight the Fed” is a rule of thumb that, based on historical averages, investors may gain an advantage by investing in a way that aligns with the current monetary policies of the Federal Reserve, rather than trading against them.

Groningen Gas Field Due to growing safety concerns, production from the largest European gas field will cease in the coming years.

10-11 Howard Jenkins

16-17 Lauren Judd Agriculture, it’s current economic climate and the B-Word… a toxic

Good and Sweet Sugar prices have been in the doldrums for more than two years. What was once a daily move in price is now only seen during a month. Traders and analysts usually point the finger at the likes of India and Thailand as the villains by increasing their sugar production to a level that has meant that over the past ten years all, but for two years, global production has been more than needed. However, the other side of the equation, consumption, is another problem.

12-13 Eddie Tofpik Freight Train, Freight Train…

going so fast…! Sheldon Cooper likes trains!

Is the US Headed for

Negative Rates? In the search for higher economic growth and a desire to create some inflationary pressure, in the last several years the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of Japan (BoJ) have pushed their short-term policy rates into negative territory. If the US were to enter a recession, what would the Federal Reserve (Fed) do? Would the Fed follow the lead of the ECB and BoJ into negative rate territory?

combination If you put the simple search ‘farming after Brexit’ into Google the first result that comes up is the government website for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

18-21 Adrian Marsh Warehouse receipts in focus – if the deal looks too good

to be true… The Commercial Court (Mr Justice Bryan) recently handed down judgement in a case which has important implications for commodity financing, warehousing, logistics and more generally in relation to a service provider’s reliance upon limitation provisions.

26-27 Alberto Peixoto The Bitter Side Of Sugar, But Consumers Are Not

Complaining! The price for Sugar in the World Market (export/import market) has been trading on average at UScts/lb 12,25 in the past 10 months, which is just slightly better than the average of UScts/lb 12,18 in 2018 and much lower than UScts/lb 15,56 in 2017 and UScts/lb 18,42 seen in 2016.


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