4-5 Marc Ostwald The Race to the Bottom is on… an ever

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decreasing circle? The sharp swing in market sentiment on the global interest rate cycle since mid-June, above all in the G7 and Eurozone, has been a truly remarkable spectacle.

6-7 Mickael Soussant Crude Oil: The Fundamentals Behind

24-25 Scott Wellcome

or... #Follow #Like Eddie Tofpik shares his thoughts on social media and holds a mirror up to some of its allure, uses, users and the impact on our day-to-day behaviour.

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The Brent/WTI Spread The price differential between the two most widely traded crude oil benchmarks is a critical location and quality spread. Over the last decade, significant events have increased the volatility of the Brent/WTI spread.


Alan Bush Stock Index Futures, Trade

Harvest Story So it’s that crazy time of year again…. no not when schools across Europe break up for the summer, but when the European wheat harvest begins, and farmers, merchants, feeders and millers all wonder what the actual yields and quality will be after many months of guessing and calculating.

War and Peace? Copper prices have been driven by the trade war and, recently, by equities rallying on hopes of easier US rates. To a greater extent than equities, copper appears to be pricing in a longer trade war, perhaps anticipating no fix until mid-2020, timed for the election run-in?

18-21 Blu Putnam & Jesus Martinez A Most Durable

Tensions and Central Banks After making record highs this year, U.S. stock index futures have suddenly taken a turn to the downside.

10-11 Howard Jenkins Sugar Continues To Test


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Economic Expansion The US economic expansion of the 2010s that commenced in Q3/2009 is now into record territory as the longest US economic expansion ever, eclipsing both the long expansions of the 1990s and the 1960s.

The Optimist’s Resolve Traders had hoped that the second half of 2019 would herald the start of a rise in sugar prices. It has not been a particularly auspicious start with prices dropping to near eight month lows in July. However, while no one expects prices to soar just yet there is growing consensus that the lows might, at last, be in place for the foreseeable future.

22-23 Alberto Peixoto Commodities are having a tough time and Sugar is

no exception Commodities are struggling to bring a decent return to producers and Sugar is no exception! Especially in the short term, despite the expected deficit for 2019/20 being estimated at 4 mln m/t R.V. for April19/March20 and 6,5 mln m/t R.V. for Oct 19/Aug 20.

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