Then there’s the other behemoth! If YouTube were a country it’d be the third biggest on Earth. For 18 – 49 year olds it has a greater reach than any TV, satellite or cable networks. If you have new videos, they’re best shown here.

I’ve heard Twitter described as ‘...a total horse show...’ and how ‘…it’s about feelings...and partying!’. Allegedly something like 80% of users are affluent Millennials4


Pinterest is next, though it’s target audience is seen by some as ‘…mums and antique collectors…’. The new kid is Instagram appealing to a younger 18 – 29 audience with close to two thirds of users being that age (3). They like a more ‘skewed’ view than others. If you target this group, link them to your Facebook and Twitter, it allows greater exposure. As mentioned, Facebook and Twitter dominate social media...but their mature status makes younger users feel they’re very old school. I could also include Snapchat, LinkedIn and others…but I’ll stop here for the sake of space in this article.

Look at them…the social media! In many ways they are like making your own personal diary public...and then asking others to comment. Now, just think of how many messages you’ve typed...and then deleted. It is a useful self-curating mechanism to undertake every so often. Occasionally, there have been the messages that unfortunately went out. For some, this has led to Twitter wars, petitions, #Unfollow and #Unlike campaigns. Why such an extreme reaction? One idea could be that we seek and wish others to know that our lives couldn’t possibly be going any better for us... when it’s often the opposite. We may end up ‘...pruning profiles like a Bonsai Tree...’ and when found out, the vitriol is crushing.

4 Pew Research - 2019

Part is that social media doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be just yet. Is it the equivalent of modern cave drawings…or more? Look around…less and less people read books...yet more read than ever.

If I sound down on all this...don’t be fooled...I’m not! For example, social media can allow a mother with a sick child needing expensive treatment to set up a diary blog just to record their child’s last days. By telling this story, others can read it, be inspired, come together and raise money to help the expensive treatment that seemed so far out of reach...and thereby make a sick child better. I’m not the only one to say this…but it’s a voice for good as well as an echo chamber and whilst our old laws and systems built over hundreds of years are struggling to keep up, social media is finding its way more and more into our society, giving more reasons for users to stay on and in the process creating thousands...tens if not hundreds of thousands, of new jobs and careers that an ‘Automation Nation’ may take away. Countless engineers are joining Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, et al… all feeding our need to be #Followed , #Follow , #Like …or sometimes… #Unfollowed and #Unliked .

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