What time can our guests check in and check out?

The best time for your guests to check in to their rooms is after your speeches so guests can freshen up before dancing the night away, however should they wish to head to their rooms earlier, check-in is guaranteed at 14:00.

Do you have a recommended DJ or band or can we bring our own? Are there any sound restrictions?

We have wonderful recommended suppliers, who work with us closely to create evenings to remember, however you may bring a DJ or band of your choice. All music in Kings Chapel must be kept below 95 decibels and we have a strict sound limiter in place to keep both our guests and our neighbours happy!

Do you supply any decorations or can we decorate the Chapel and outside areas as we like? Are there any restrictions?

Included in every wedding are our mirror plate centrepieces, hurricane vases and pillar candles. You may use these anywhere you’d like in the Kings Chapel. You may bring any decoration you like, however decorating the space is your responsibility and care must be taken when decorating not to damage our beautiful building or a charge may be incurred. If you have any queries please ask your coordinator.

Can we have fireworks, Chinese lanterns or sparklers in the evening?

Unfortunately we do not allow fireworks or Chinese lanterns at Kings Chapel. Sparklers may be used on site but must be confirmed with your coordinator prior to your special day and the necessary health and safety measures must be provided.

Can we throw confetti?

Yes, biodegradable confetti and real petals are permitted. However, any confetti thrown other than this (e.g. foil confetti, faux petals) will incur cleaning charges.

Does the venue allow corkage?

Unfortunately the venue does not allow corkage or for you to consume your own beverages on site. If there is a specific product you would like us to supply, please discuss this directly with your coordinator.


THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR TALENTED PHOTOGRAPHERS for supplying such beautiful photographs of the Kings Chapel. To view more of their work please see the supplier insert.

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