Air Care+

Freshens the air and neutralizes odors. JCS

Aloe & Sea Salt

Skin softening natural sea salt and aloe with fragrant notes of cotton blossoms and lily. JCS

Bamboo Mist

Fresh green bamboo shrouded in a tropical mist. JC

Buttercream Cupcake

Buttery, delicious and oh so decadent - buttercream frosted vanilla cupcake. JC

Coconut Mint Water

Sweet coconut water infused with fresh mint - totally refreshing. JCS

Fresh Juicy Pineapple

A freshly cut slice of perfect tropical succulence. JC

Grape Popsicle

A frosty, frozen, juicy grape popsicle mess! JC

Beach Breeze

An aroma deep in sea spray and Spanish moss, iconic Florida. JCS

Café Latte

Wake up with the perfect blend of fresh brewed coffee and rich cream. JC

Crisp Apple

Take a bite of that crunchy bright red apple! JC

Fresh Sweet Strawberry

Sun-kissed sweet strawberries fresh off the vine. JCS

Green Tea & Lemongrass

Healthy green tea steeped with tangy lemongrass. JCS

Lemon Pound Cake

Buttery, lemon pound cake drizzled with lemon glaze. JCS

Orange Dreamsicle

Ice cream filled, orange sherbet popsicle. JC

Mango Guava

Oh-so-tropical, creamy mangos and ripe guava. JCS

Paisley’s Punch

Sweet & tangy cherry, orange, berry and pineapple, touched with fresh black currant and lime. JCS

Pink Macaron

Sugar cane and sweet strawberry with a dash of vanilla sugar whipped up into a pink macaron. JC

Soft Patchouli

Mysterious and intoxicating, the fragrance of patchouli has been used for centuries. JC

Sun Kissed Sands

Driftwood washed up on sun-drenched pink sands. JC

Vanilla Tease

Teasingly sweet vanilla kissed by notes of pear and gardenia. JC

J | Available in Jars C | Available in Cartons S | Available in Soaks Returning Favorite New HEROES Hope Collection 4 Raisin Nut Bread

Golden raisins and walnuts baked into fresh bread. JC

Sparkling Sangria

Red wine, lemons, oranges, a splash of ginger ale and brandy - the perfect blend! JCS

Sweet Pea & Lily

Big, bold & beautiful bouquet of sweet pea blossoms and soft lily. JCS

Amaretto Cream

Creamy vanilla and golden amaretto. JC

Apple Blossom

Flowering apple trees in glorious full bloom. JCS

Apple Vetiver

Crisp, delicious apples with notes of lush and fragrant vetiver grass. JC

Beach Oak

Sunny beaches and stately oak trees drenched in sea spray. JC

Chili Pepper Papaya

Papaya with a dash of spicy chili pepper - fresh from the island! JC

Black Cherry

Tart black cherries waiting to be picked. JCS

Cinnamon Spice

A mix of cinnamon, all spice, cloves & nutmeg - it’s red hot! JC

Brown Sugar Cinnamon

A little cinnamon mixed with sweet, dark brown sugar. JC

Citrus Air Care+

Odor neutralizers and air freshening aromas rid the air of odors while leaving a burst of aromatic fresh citrus. JCS

Energizing Ginger

Get a boost of energy from white tea and ginger. JC

Frosted Sugar Cookie

Perfect cookie - frosted, crunchy and sweet. JCS

Hawaiian Coconut

Coconut in its purest form - straight from the palm tree - an oasis of pure bliss. JCS

Maple Syrup

Sweet maple syrup with a hint of creamy fresh churned butter. JC

Peaches & Oranges

Fresh peaches and oranges straight from the farm. JCS

Fireside Vanilla

Smoky vanilla combined with notes of bourbon, cedarwood and patchouli. JCS

Fruit Basket

A fruity combination - mango, papaya, bananas and more. JC

Hope Blue Skies

Fresh, pure country air - blue skies and cotton clouds. JCS

Merry Margarita

All it takes is a little tequila, salt and limes to make a merry margarita! JC

Peanut Butter Cookies

Chewy, peanut butter cookies topped with granulated sugar. JC

French Vanilla

The creamiest vanilla ever - très magnifique! JC

Garden Lilac

A fragrant countryside garden of lilacs in bloom awaits you. JCS

I Love Watermelon

We love summertime watermelon... so refreshing! JCS

Oak & Bourbon

Sweet bluegrass and sugared fruits encircle golden woods, amber and bourbon. JC

Peony Chiffon

Peony, Rose, & Violets lightly coated with a soft dew. JC

Raspberry Lemonade

A little tart, a little sweet, fresh raspberries floating in icy lemonade JC

Stone Washed Denim

Light and fresh breeze of juniper, fern, and blossoms. JCS

Sweet Wild Berries

A basket of fresh, sweet blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. JC

Relax-Lavender Vanilla

Lavender and vanilla, a combination sure to bring about a sense of peaceful romantic relaxation. JCS

Stress Relief

Eucalyptus & spearmint team up to relieve stress. JCS

Toasted Marshmallow

A delightfully gooey treat. JC

Sawdust & Leather

A clean and manly fragrance with notes of aged leather and fresh sawdust. JC

Sugar Melón

The sweetest of all melons, sugar melóns are so refreshing. JC

True Lavender

Soothing notes of true, fresh blooming lavender, provide a sense of calm and peace. JCS

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