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HEROES HOPE COLLECTION New Hope Blue Waves Simmering Light & Hope Blue Skies Fragrance benefiting Autism Speaks!

Pink Zebra’s quest is to give the world a reason to put down your phone and “be in the moment”. We invite you to join one of our fun interactive Blend Bash parties, where you create fragrances to fit your life.

For this catalog season, we are excited to introduce our greatest number of “new” items yet! We have several fabulous fragrances, stylish home décor accessories and new fun Blend Bash themes in this fresh line-up!

Fragrance is the core product of Pink Zebra, and adding fragrance to your life can positively affect your mood, as well as evoke memories and happy feelings. We want you to have confidence and trust in choosing our quality fragrances, therefore transparency is key. To ensure your confidence in our products, we are introducing a new webpage within that provides more information about our fragrances, ingredients, and testing protocol. Additionally, our exclusive monthly Paisley’s Picks will tell a story of “Farm to Fragrance” and take you along the journey of how our fragrances are created from natural elements to become the beautiful fragrance that fills your home. Also, we are excited to introduce a new Hope Fragrance, Warming Shade and Simmering light for our Spring/Summer 2019 HEROES Hope Collection supporting Autism Speaks. It’s a fittingly, beautiful shade of blue and a perfectly fresh scent for the season.

Owning your own business is the core opportunity at Pink Zebra. Each of our new Consultants took a leap of faith and joined the many thousands of Independent Consultants throughout the USA and Canada to pursue the fulfillment of their dreams. It’s an exciting adventure we are all on together. We are committed to supporting your journey through upgraded training programs, personal and team support systems, encouragement of personal growth, and of course, plenty of fun and recognition! We invite you to join Pink Zebra through the enjoyment of our home fragrance and décor products and/or by starting your own business as an Independent Consultant.

“Without continual growth progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” - Benjamin Franklin

Wishing you a beautiful spring/summer season filled with renewal and growth.

Our best wishes,

Tom and Kelly Gaines Founders, Pink Zebra


ACCESSORIES BY COLOR 19 New Accent Shades While Supplies Last


SIMMERING LIGHTS 9 New Simmering Lights While Supplies Last

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