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Class Notes 2012

John Kaneklides of New York, New York, landed the lead role in “The Tales of Hoffmann” being performed at Skylight’s Cabot Theatre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Antjuan Seawright of Columbia received the 2018 TRIO Achievers Award at the Southeastern Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel (SAEOPP) conference. He also earned the 2018 Boy Scouts of America Indian Waters Council Whitney M. Young Service Award


Cambridge, Massachusetts, resident Christopher Bennett has been elected to the 2018-19 Board of Directors for the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine.

Pendleton resident Candace Porter Carroll joined Americans for Prosperity South Carolina as its grassroots director.


Aileen Alon received the Go Getter Award from the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.

Central resident Ashley Isreal spoke to students at the Winthrop College of Business Administration Student Professional Development Conference.


Central Carolina Technical College selected Lisa Justice of Manning to serve as the director of the F.E. DuBose Career Center.


Columbia resident Robert Harris was recognized as one of the finalists for S.C. Teacher of the Year.


Duncan resident Samantha Smigel’s article, “A Disciplinary Lens on Elementary Literacy and Learning,” was published in the winter edition of Reading Matters: The Journal of the South Carolina Council of the International Reading Association.


Orangeburg resident Keri Fersner was honored as one of Orangeburg County’s Outstanding Educators of the Year.

Charlotte, North Carolina, resident Justin Hudson accepted an at-large board member position with the S.C. Burned Children’s Fund, which is sponsored by the Medical University of South Carolina.


Dorchester District Two named Summerville resident Hannah Williams its Rookie Teacher of the Year.


Sheri Perez-Segura is the program director for ANSWER, a nonprofit organization that awards college scholarships to mothers in several North Carolina counties.

Summerville native Camerun Washington is the first African-American man to enroll in Virginia Commonwealth University’s genetic counseling program.

Milestones BIRTHS

Justin Ross Pauley ’04 and Emily Stevenson Pauley ’07, a daughter, Lilyan Elizabeth Pauley, March 21, 2018

Anna (Sophie) Hodaly Gorrin ’07, a son, Christopher Tawfiq Gorrin, Dec. 29, 2017

Andy William Reid ’07 and Shanon Sitzmann Reid ’09, a son, Jack Conrad Reid, Jan. 6, 2018

Tara Toepke Ballard ’08, a daughter, Nora June Ballard, Jan. 28, 2018

Sarah Valerie Magee ’08, a son, Benjamin Wilson Roach, Feb. 22, 2018

Ashley Wheeler Rogers ’08 and John David Rogers ’09, a son, Matthew Levi Rogers, March 15, 2018

Renee Amadi Cave ’10, a son, Riley Joseph Patton, March 22, 2018


Julia Way Passos ’07 to Phillip Kirkpatrick

Samantha Nicole Stech ’13, ’16 to Jared Scott Williams ’13


1940s Evelyn Farmer Bell ’40 Sara Shine Symmes ’40 Martha (Jean) Jenkins Boyd ’42 Mary Frances MacDonald Crenshaw ’42 Elizabeth Weedon Howell ’43 Mary (Louise) Gantt Hydrick ’43 Anita Mayes Lippitt ’43 Jessie Stoney Mueller ’43 Sarah Sanders Williams ’43


Margaret Estridge Hughey ’44 Betty Horton McIlwain ’45 Emily Dixon Patterson ’45 Edna Jordan Will ’45 Joanne Thornton Baldwin ’46 Anita Kiser Hamm ’46 Jane Peterkin McNiel ’46 Julia Simon Spadoni ’46 Dorothy Smart Sturgis ’46 Annie (Anne) Taylor Allison ’47 Ina Lever Frame ’47 Estelle DeHay Haselton ’47 Olivette Garr Smith ’47 Martha (Frances) Ayres Waddell ’47 Frances (Lenore) Orr Branham ’48 Miriam Ballentine Leaphart ’48 Mary Jo Garris Strickland ’48 Emily Wright Whitten ’48 Anne (Annie) Looper Allen ’49 Nellie Dorn Barton ’49 Agnes (Caroline) Moss Emanuel ’49 Addie Dunlap Jackson ’49 Betty Franks Price ’49


Gaenell (Nell) Cooke Quarles ’50 Arla Stenseth Holroyd ’51, ’57 Alice Applewhite Boykin ’52 Frances (Chris) Allen Grady ’52 Rose Ann Simpson Brown ’53 Sara Scott Kauffman ’53 Barbara Galbraith Nunnery ’53 Hilda Tennyson Cope ’54 Lenora Cooner Cross ’54 Patricia (Pat) Shackelford Snyder ’54 Jane Atkinson Craig ’55 Sallie (Kitty) Stanley Tanner Mescher ’55 Gertrude (Fowler) Rogan Rogers ’56 Patricia (Ann) Langston Addison ’57 Olivia (Jane) Wilkerson Covington ’59 Mary Blackwell McCuen ’59


Imogene Bell Horne ’61 Elizabeth Donaldson Williams ’61 Barbara Scaggs Bynum ’62 Carol Wilson Aull ’64

Dorothy (Dot) Platt Hutchinson Kelly ’64, ’72, ’86 Anne Ruth Nims ’64, ’79 Pamela (Pam) Maddex Hendrix ’65 Rita Shaw Knight ’65 Margaret Houston Burnette ’67, ’72 Luora Harper Franklin ’67, ’73 Brenda McDaniel Sullivan ’68 Mary (Jean) Cowan Dynarski ’69 Joan Catoe Sherrill ’69, ’84 Phyllis Hayes Thompson ’69 Carol Johnson Webb ’69


Kathy Chappell Howell ’70 Patricia (Tricia) Ann Rabun ’70 Sarah Wilson Rigby ’70 Carolyn Neel Tutwiler ’70 Mary (Cathy) Walker Dinkins ’71 Dean Baltzigar Anderson ’75, ’76 Sophia DuBose Babridge ’76 John Lawrence Bartle ’79


Catherine (Kitte) Lee Cloninger ’80 James Arledge Nichols Jr. ’82 Margaret (Evie) Moss Smith ’82 Sarah Clesson Siner ’85 Diane Mathews Hutchinson ’86 April Riley Bolejack ’87 Frank Leon Brigman IV ’87


Dorsey Alston Leese ’99 2000s

Marion Steadman Pilcher ’00 Andrew (Andy) Lee Sayrs ’06


Ray Edward Marshall ’10, ’13 Muhiyidin El-Amin ibn Moye ’11 Michael Thomas Stoddard ’14

Karl A. Folkens ’78 Chair


Glenn McCall Vice Chair Rock Hill

Ed Driggers ‘92 Greer

Kathy Hudson Bigham ’73 Rock Hill

Julie Gore Fowler ’85, ’88 Columbia

Donna Glenn Holley Columbia

Timothy L. Hopkins ’83, ’85, ’00 Lugoff

Randy Imler ’87, ’00 Tega Cay

Jane Lawton LaRoche ’70 Camden

Donald G. Long Lake Wylie

Scott Middleton ’81 West Columbia

Tim Sease ’87 Mt. Pleasant

Janet Rice Smalley ’72 Walhalla

Sandra Stroman ’73, ’76 Chester

Ashlye Rumph-Geddis Wilkerson ’05 Columbia

Michael Lipscomb Faculty Representative Tadean Page

Student Representative Kimberly Faust

Chief of Staff and Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Daniel F. Mahony President

Jeff Perez Vice President for University Relations

Ellen Wilder-Byrd ’88, ’94 Associate Vice President for Communications and Marketing


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