Press cards and community journalists The article on community journalism in the last edition of The Journalist may have given the misleading impression that the NUJ is helping the Independent Community News Network (ICNN) to get press card recognition and community journalists to obtain press cards. The article does not state that all

community journalists should be given a press card, but the ICNN launch section says they’re ‘working with the NUJ’ on the issue. It is very unlikely the ICNN will

become a gatekeeper for the UK Press Card Authority (UKPCA); most community journalists will not qualify under UKPCA rules if they are not being paid for their newsgathering. The UKPCA establishes the eligibility

criteria for holding a press card, and the NUJ has no plans to change the union’s rules on which member categories are eligible to apply. NUJ associate members (which would

cover community journalist volunteers) are not eligible to apply for a press card. To paraphrase, the criteria are that a

professional media worker’s employment (or self-employment) is wholly or significantly concerned with newsgathering. The writer of the article raised

concerns about community journalists accessing official meetings, but she should have contacted the NUJ to find

out what ‘working with the NUJ’ means and clarified that in the piece. Simon Chapman Chair, Journalist Editorial Advisory Board

Word-length restrictions prevented my going into further detail on the issue of press cards and the NUJ. But before the ICNN launch, Emma Mees and Matt Abbott had twice attended the Welsh Executive Council (WEC) to talk about their work, aims and issues – including press cards. As a result, the WEC submitted a motion to the NUJ’s recent Delegate Meeting in Southport – which was carried. Debated in the Recruitment and

Retention section, it instructed the National Executive Council “to develop a strategy aimed at securing strong union membership in this (hyperlocal) growing sector, including: “Engaging with the Centre for

Community Journalism at Cardiff University and the recently established Independent Community News Network that it hosts to maximise the possibility of hyperlocal journalists qualifying for full NUJ membership and, where appropriate, press cards.” Jenny Sims Freelance Member, Wales Executive Council Member, Freelance Industrial Council

twitter feed Tweet us your feedback: @mschrisbuckley Andrew Simpson (@thegameismental) 11/03/2018

Heartened to read a piece on rising standards of #mentalhealth reporting by @goodchildjourno in latest ediition of @NUJofficial magazine. Journalists still need to do better, and it’s great to know @TimetoChange and @suebakerTTC are keeping an eye on us! (cc @mschrisbuckley)

BABCP (@BABCP) 15/03/2018,

Great to see @NUJofficial magazine featuring the issue of reporting mental health, something we did in March 2015 ‘No more Bonkers Bruno’…

RF Hunt (@RFHunt1) 07/03/2018

@mschrisbuckley) Excellent article about #mentalhealth James Hatts (@james_hatts)


Idly reading the @NUJofficial magazine a bit of a shock to turn the page and find myself quoted in a piece on the @ICNNUK #bfcj2018 conference

Michael O’Toole (@mickthehack) 29/03/2018

From @NUJofficial Journalist magazine. Thank you, Mr Hill. Got me through many a court case unscathed. #shorthand #journalism pic.

Rizwan Ali Dar (@rizali67) 31/03/2018

@mschrisbuckley a fantastic piece in the March-April edition about amateur photographers charging. As an amateur myself I will be using this advice and charging for any photos used.

Ben Jennings (@BJennings90) 07/03/2018

Illustration for latest issue of @NUJofficial magazine for a piece on #FakeNews



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