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Main feature 12 Are young dreams being dashed? Why new entrants leave journalism

But, as Ruth Addicott finds in our cover feature, many young people are deserting these roles


not long after achieving them, finding that the reality of clickbait driven, office-bound journalism today is not what they dreamt of. And then there’s the pay…or lack of it. Louise Tickle looks at the prevalence of media organisations and other groups who expect journalists to work for nothing. Since the last edition of The Journalist the NUJ has held its biennial delegate meeting – the policy setting framework for the union. Low pay, worsening conditions at the BBC, Iran’s treatment of journalists on the BBC’s Persian service and many other issues were on the busy agenda in Southport. There was also a motion calling for The Journalist to remain a

print publication published at least six times a year. It came as the union’s strategic communications review raised a question over the frequency of the magazine. I was delighted that the motion from Bristol branch was passed with no opposition. I’m glad that the delegates showed that they appreciate the magazine. I know many non-activist members also value it.

id you dream of becoming a reporter or an editor? Many of us did, attracted by an exciting career full of variety and the potential to hold power to account.

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16 Pay day mayday Growing demands for free work


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