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FAST WI-FI THAT GOES WHERE YOU DO If you work remotely or travel frequently for work, D-Link’s DWR-933 4G LTE mobile router will provide you with high- speed wi-fi wherever you are. The router can provide speeds of 300mbps for up to 10 devices and there’s a SIM card tray so you can use any wireless provider. With a 3000mAh battery, it will provide a connection throughout the day.

TEXT CHECKER IN A BROWSER Grammarly uses AI technology to highlight spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. If you install Grammarly on a web browser, it can check everything from emails to online documents. The free version will check spelling, grammar and punctuation and the premium and business plans provide more advanced features.

SPEED UP VIDEO PRODUCTION Just like proofreading, editing videos can take time and effort. Kamua is using AI to speed up the process. The browser-based platform can automatically edit videos so they are in a suitable format for social media, identify people and objects, as well as add subtitles in more than 60 languages. According to the London-based tech firm, the app is intended to help media professionals ‘dramatically reduce video and social media production times’. Both free and paid-for versions are available.


f you’re looking for a smartphone, Apple’s latest iPhones are worthy of your attention. The American tech giant’s newest four phones are the

iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. The biggest change of the iPhone 12 line-up is that

Apple has returned to the box design from earlier handsets such the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. All four smartphones sport 5G, A14 Bionic processors, face ID, MagSafe technology for magnetic accessories and OLED displays with Super Retina XDR. Apple has kitted out the 12 and 12 Mini with dual- camera systems, but their screen sizes are different; the 12 Mini has a 5.4-inch screen and the 12 has

> Portable power pack T

he one thing tech companies haven’t cracked yet is

battery life. We all know how frustrating it is when our smart devices don’t make it

a 6.1-inch display. Both devices come in white, black, blue, green and red. Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 Pro range has a triple- camera system and a stainless steel finish. The standard iPhone 12 Pro has a 6.1-inch screen, while, the Max boasts a 6.7-inch display. The Pro models are available in silver, graphite, gold and Pacific blue. The cheapest iPhone is the 12 Mini at £699, and the 12 Pro retails at £999.

through a busy day, and that’s why getting a portable charger is a good idea. The Juice Powerbank 7

is a great option, boasting a humongous 20,000mAh

battery. Its makers say the device can deliver seven whole charges, so you won’t need to worry about your phone dying. It sports two USB A ports and a USB C port, allowing you to charge three devices.

LED lights show when your

device is charged and how much power is left in the powerbank. The battery will take 11.5 hours to recharge, so you can charge it overnight. £34.99, shop/power/portable/

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your desk. With Charge Tree from tech accessories

manufacturer STM, you can keep them all organised.

This three-in-one wireless

charging stand will charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods at the same time. Your iPhone sits at the front, while

your Watch is placed at the top and your AirPods at the bottom. The device can also

be used as a stand for streaming movies and video calling. £69.95 Available through many retailers

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f you’re an Apple fan, you probably own an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. When it comes to charging all of these devices, they can quickly clutter

Roving camera rig

Like many journalists, you may take a lot of photos and videos to

illustrate your stories. If so, you might find the GorillaPod Rig from Joby useful. It

provides a mount for mics, lights and any other accessories you would use with a DSLR. TheGorillaPod Rig, which has a ball and

socket design, will support a single camera and two accessories. Joby describes it as ‘flexible, portable and easy to use’,

so you’ll be able to take it everywhere you go. Currently, the Rig retails at £188.95.



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