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Main feature 14 No place for abuse at work What can be done about bullying

Coronavirus has had a devastating impact on those who lost their lives, jobs and education and


who have suffered psychologically from the lockdowns. The pandemic has swept through our industry as advertising

dried up and newspapers made cutbacks and closed titles. To assess the fall-out on the ground, we start a new series

looking at the state of the media throughout the regions of the UK, Ireland and continental Europe. We start with Glasgow. The NUJ continues to push its news recovery plan – a programme of action, including a tax on the large tech companies – to help bolster the industry and strengthen it for the future. The plan has had a lot of good reaction in the UK and Ireland and a recent NUJ Welsh meeting on the issue featured the actor and activist Michael Sheen. We have a report on that on Page 8. We also look at the persistent problem of bullying in the

workplace and how perpetrators can sometimes disguise their actions, and importantly what the union can do to help victims get justice. Our letters pages feature concern about The Journalist

continuing to be digital only. Do let us know what you think about this and other issues. The magazine and the union welcome members’ feedback.

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Cover picture John Devolle

t last there’s an end in sight to the pandemic and while the return to normal life may take some time, at least hope is definitely on the horizon.

News 03 Fighting for Freedom of Information Call to put pressure on the Government

04 HMRC failed freelances, say MPs Urgent explanations called for

05 Climbdown after photographer’s arrest Police held journalist in a cell for hours

06 Irish media needs extra cash NUJ lobbies media commission


10 Spotlight on Glasgow How journalism is faring in the city

12 Climate changers? Should the media be doing more

16 Quick on the draw Looking back to 1895


21 Technology 24 Obituaries 25 And finally...

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