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Accessories 2. Cryo-TEM Transfer Interface

It is possible to directly transfer your vitrified samples using the Cryo-TEM transfer interface, along with your Gatan 3500 series ultra-low temperature, till rotate specimen holders. The transfer interface allows the direct insertion of Gatan cryo-holder into the plunge freezers liquid nitrogen dewar. This will allow easy cryogenic transfer of the vitrified sample directly to the microscope via the 3500 cryo-holder right from the work platform within the dewar. Please consult the EMS product manager for options as the transfer holder is not compatible with all possible plunge freezer configurations.

Part # 37000-T 3. Environmental Chamber

Some plunge freezing applications will require a controlled environment for the samples to be frozen in a satisfactory manner. The environmental chamber module can provide specific relative humidity and temperatures required for many types of samples. The dry nitrogen atmosphere below the environmental chamber allows us to precisely adjust the relative humidity, upwards, and easier to add water in this case. We choose to control the temperature then manually adjust the humidity by adding small quantities of water to the environment by vaporization. The vaporized water is quickly and evenly distributed throughout the chamber by a circulation fan. The integrated shutter mechanism prevents the sample from precooling before it is rapidly frozen.

Instrument Overview 5 1 2 7

1. Temperature & Humidity Sensor: Sends temperature & humidity data to controller. 2. Baffle Comb: Allows used to transfer frozen sample to be transferred to the plunge freezer’s “Work Platform” without allowing the Dewar gas to enter the chamber while shutter is closed.


3. Shutter: Keeps the controlled atmosphere inside the Chamber till the sample is to be frozen. It also can prevent pre-cooling of the sample. (Not shown)

4. Heating & Vaporizer: This provides a good portion of the heat load. It also serves to vaporize added water if the humidity is too low.

5. Vertical Mounting Bar: Serves to anchor the Chamber to the Cryo Workstation.

6. TEC (Thermo Electric Cooler): This assembly has a solid state device at its center that heats & cools depending on the polarity of the voltage applied. Used for addition heating and cooling but its main function is to lower humidity if the humidity is too high.

7. Shutter Re-set: Plunger is pressed in firmly to lock the shutter in the closed position.

8. Water Tube: Is used to introduce tiny amounts of water into the Heating/Vaporizer assembly if the humidity inside the chamber is too low. (Not shown)

Controller Front Overview 1. Controller: Used to maintain temperature inside of the chamber and MONITOR Humidity only.

2. Heat/Cool Selector Switch: Allows user to select additional heating for the chamber or cooling which can be used to reduce the humidity in the chamber.

3. Aux Heating/Vaporizer Mode Switch: Simple on-off switch to turn on the vaporizing chamber, rapidly adding water vapor to the environment.

Part # 37457

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3 1 2 34765 37000-T

Ordering Information 37000

EMS-002 Cryo Workstation Complete with Removable Drop Anvil Assembly, Stainless Steel Liquid Nitrogen Dewar, Cryogen Temperature Controller, Cryogen Holder, and Instructions. 110V-240V Freeze Substitution Module Cryo Transfer Face for TEM

37457 37455 37456 37454 37015 37458 37459

Environmental Chamber Metal Mirror Kit Diamond Anvil

Automatic Liquid Nitrogen Filler Propane Transfer System Freeze Forceps

Muscle Biopsy Clamps

This technique has been widely used for fast freezing of very small samples where you only need 5 to 10um of good freezing while maintaining specimen orientation. Metal mirror freezing has been available for quite some time and was used extensively in conjunction with freeze fracture, and deep etch rotary shadow. In the traditional method, the sample was placed on top of a slice of aldehyde fixed lung hung upside down. Once mounted its accelerated onto the surface of a copper block that was cool to liquid nitrogen temperature. Some investigators even used liquid helium to achieve higher rates of thermal transfer between the copper block and sample.

Part # 37455

Accessories (continued) 4. Metal Mirror Freezing Kit

5. Diamond Anvil Special Freeze Anvil with real diamond plate for better rapid freezing and easier specimen removal. Does not require polishing like standard Copper anvils.

Part # 37015

6. Automatic Liquid Nitrogen Filling Keeps constant LN2 level in the Dewar Automatically. (NOTE: To be used only in conjunction with basic plunge freezing or freezing substitution.)

Part # 37454

7. Propane Transfer System Allows for the efficient transfer of propane to the condensation chamber from the propane storage vessel.

Part # 37015 8. Freeze Forceps

Special tweezers specifically for use with the Plunge Freezer that is “self-locking”. Extra sets allow quicker turn around when freezing multiple samples.

Part # 37458

9. Muscle Biopsy Clamps Clamps designed for human Muscle biopsies to keep the muscle from contracting during fixation. Now it is possible to improve the morphology of the sample by rapid freezing by plunging into liquid cryogen. Fits directly into the drop anvil on the Plunge Freezer.

Part # 37459

EMS-002 Cryo Workstation Economical,

Universal Application Rapid Freezing Workstation

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