t the recent NetEvents press and analyst summit in Silicon Valley, the assembled great and good were debating the trajectory of the Internet of Things (IoT), which is variously seen as the greatest victory

of the human race’s extension of IT to the very edge of City and suburban life. At once the enabler of both the driverless car and the self-loading fridge, IoT stands somewhere between a Marvel super-hero and Kim Kardashian in the aspirational hopes of the masses. A hand went up during the debate and one of the assembled hacks asked the question of the lofty panel of super-analysts: “What is the ultimate IoT-powered device so-far devised?”

The analyst stared into the distance, hand on chin, as if contemplating the gates of Valhalla and eventually said: “A robot machine for making cocktails at festivals.” Yes folks, the sum of all this human endeavour, brainpower and vast investment in the IoT has laboured to produce a robot cocktail maker that can serve an infinite number of cocktail recipes at super-speed – up to 6,000 cocktails per hour. There is no limit now to how inebriated IT can get you. What an advance. It’s called the Makr Shaker and since we know many of you will not believe it, you can check it out for yourself at

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4th - 6th: Europe Money20/20, Amsterdam

11th - 13th: Money Conf 2018, Dublin

12th - 13th: Liquidity Risk Management Europe, London management-europe-2018

11th – 15th: CeBIT 2018, Hannover


6th – 13th: London FinTech Week, London

24th – 25th: BankTech Asia, Kuala Lumpur


31st July – 2nd: 2nd Annual FINTECH Week, New York

13th – 16th: 2nd Annual FINTECH Week, Silicon Valley

21st: Blockchain Conference, Seattle

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Many in the fintech world would have assumed that the narrative of “us vs. them” when it came to banks and fintechs had evaporated long ago. That wasn’t the case at Money20/20 in Amsterdam where, among other temple- rubbingly obvious questions put to Apple guru Steve Wozniak, some asked: “will fintechs replace traditional banks?” It goes to show that despite the fact that the conference was almost entirely based around the collaboration of the two worlds, and the releasing of various fintech marketplaces, that there are still some bankers out there who don’t quite get it.

Also at Money20/20, the blockchain claws were out, as evangelists tried their hardest to drag the topic of conversation back to their beloved DLT. Try as they might, though, the blockchain hype bubble appears to have burst, and many people were far more interested in the potential of AI, another technology that is probably just as misunderstood as blockchain. Perhaps soon we will see people clamouring for a red, white and blue AI? Luckily, our July issue will feature a host of features on the subject; look out for that next month!

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