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The best of your letters, comments and social media this week Chargebacks: Insurers waste time

Story: Abta sought relief from chargebacks for retailers One of the worst instigators of this problem are travel insurance companies. Many will not process a justified claim until the insured person has tried all alternative means of getting their money back. This includes making a chargeback against the company which accepted the card payment. For travel agents, this means having money, equal to what they’ve already paid to suppliers, being taken out of their accounts, while they then have to spend yet more time contesting the chargeback. It’s about time that credit card issuers got wise to the effort and money that is being wasted by insurance companies using this dubious tactic. I only hope that when business disruption cover gets scrutinised, the very same insurance companies get taken to the cleaners. Howard

Lindsay Garvey-Jones @LGJHX Holiday Extras Watching Day 2 of @travelweekly’s Future of Travel event and it’s a corker! Loved the interview with Steve Heapy of @jet2tweets – very straight-talking and sensible approach, respectfully and quietly consulting with government to ensure the industry is being heard. #FutureofTravel

Jobs: Firms are paying less

Story: Travel trade resigned to tough winter market I can see the industry bouncing back quickly once the major threat from Covid-19 is lifted. Yet the current situation is giving firms the chance to lose staff, make changes and hire people for less pay and on worse terms and conditions. Travel is low-paid anyway, and most of the perks went after 9/11. David Pascoe

2020 GET SOCIAL: Email letters to Please write ‘Get Social’ in the subject line. DEADLINE: Midday Monday. All

correspondence must be accompanied by a name, job title and company address; these will be withheld on request. Please limit letters to 150 words maximum. We reserve the right to edit for brevity and clarity. Other comments taken from and

GET SOCIAL: @travelweekly travelweeklyuk @travelweeklyuk 24 SEPTEMBER 2020 21 Refunds: Airlines

should be in dock Story: Loveholidays resigns Abta membership This is another distraction from the real issue of airlines not refunding when FCDO advice changes. It’s the airlines that should be in the dock over this issue. Get the airlines to refund and none of this – including On the Beach’s resignation from Abta – would be an issue. After all, both say they will refund flights if they get the money from the airline. BigBrain

Richard E Grant @RichardEGrant Please can someone explain to me why, when you land in Rome, there is a swift and well-organised Covid test, with the result given 30 minutes later, yet we don’t have this in the UK?

Testing: Why so slow? Story: Aviation leaders say testing regimes ‘ready to go’ So why is it so hard for them? With the UK’s inbound and outbound travel income worth £200 billion annually, why are the government seemingly doing nothing? #Test4Travel Diane Healey

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