their soft advertising messages, says marketing expert Steve Dunne


‘Dear Britain’ British Airways’ approach to the challenge of no travelling is to write a poem to its customers. The poem, called Dear

Britain, is performed by members of the airline’s staff including cabin crew, ground handlers, pilots, reservation staff and the airline’s chief executive, Alex Cruz. Set over the music so

synonymous with the airline, Flower Duet, it is, once again, a subtle, thoughtful and inspiring communication between the brand and its customers. It will do much to cement the airline’s place in the hearts of its regular customers.


‘Escape to Jamaica’ The Jamaica Tourist Board has been particularly innovative in its marketing campaign during lockdown. It has used Instagram for


‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’

VisitScotland is another tourist board which has struck the right note in its marketing approach during lockdown. The video has a melodic

music bed, as a female narrator talks gently about this being a time for the heart as we look upon stunning Scottish scenery. The narrator acknowledges that now we cannot travel but says that one day we will once again travel and enjoy what Scotland has to offer. At one minute and 50 seconds, it is another long video for social media but again is right for the audience it is aimed at and the circumstances they find themselves in. It is full of hope and

inspiration – just what is needed during a lockdown.

what it calls a ‘live series’ to uplift and inspire fans of the destination. The series includes ‘cook-a-longs’, wellness sessions and DJ sets, playing the latest reggae and dancehall hits Jamaica is known for. The tourist board has

also created an “Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright” Spotify playlist to keep spirits lifted. Featuring melodies from Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Beenie Man and others, it aims to bring a little bit of sunshine to brighten up these dark days. It makes the audience

feel really connected to the destination in a unique and memorable way.


GUERNSEY Heritage 75th Festival

The virus lockdown struck a major blow to Guernsey’s plans for its landmark event of the year. The Heritage 75 Festival, which would have run from April to October, was set to commemorate the 75th anniversary of liberation from the Nazi occupying forces in the Second World War. However, VisitGuernsey

has innovatively moved everything online. So virtual guided walks taking in defence towers and bunkers have been introduced. Readings from The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society novel and live cooking demos of wartime food are now some of the features offered online. The campaign keeps

the event alive and will no doubt inspire the audience to “see for themselves” when the travel ban is lifted.

23 APRIL 2020 17

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