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benjamin.bouldin Royal Caribbean Our incredible new ship Odyssey of the Seas floated out of the shipyard this weekend. We cannot wait to put her into service next year #healthyreturntoservice

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Emma Savage @TCEmmaSavage Travel Counsellors Look who I saw reading my copy of @travelweekly – maybe he’ll follow in my footsteps after all!

The best of your letters, comments and social media this week Rhodes: Sell the island’s full season

Story: Olympic Holidays extends Black Friday deals While it is good to hear from Olympic and others that advance bookings and searches for 2021 in Rhodes are looking good, it is a sad fact that UK tour operators have done tourism on the island a great disservice in the past 20 years by squeezing the season into an ever-shorter period. Our season commences in late March, yet most UK operators nowadays only begin really offering holidays from early May – leaving us missing out on the Easter school holidays in the UK and the fabulous experience of Greek Orthodox Easter and warm sunny spring weather. The same stifling of the end of season has occurred with a winding-down prematurely in the first week of October. This year, due to the late Covid-19 season, some operators very successfully extended their season to the end of October – a massive thank you to them! Antony Winspear

idea is ridiculous Story: Passport ‘vaccine stamps’ mooted as proof of inoculation Utterly ridiculous. What if you are at the back of the queue for a vaccine, which is everyone under 50? Are you banned from flying? If the government’s track record of incompetence filters through to the vaccination programme, most people will still be unvaccinated throughout next summer! On the plus side, anti-vaxxers will soon fall in number at the thought of being banned from international travel. Fabio

Hays Travel @HaysTravel We would like to thank Piers & Susanna for paying tribute to our wonderful gaffer John Hays by wearing our colours today x x @GMB

Biblio: Good luck with launch

Story: Biblio Travel to launch in the UK with trade focus Joanne Langton Dooey: All the best, ladies! Nice to see positive news. Don’t forget your mates north of the border.

Which?: High street is better

Story: Which? warns holidaymakers off booking sites Kevin O’Brien: Yes, a travel agent on the high street is better and my favourite is Travel House in Llanelli.

Vaccine: Passport

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