A local approach to drive recovery

The rules of the game are changing. How travellers think about their next trip has altered beyond recognition and the way brands sell holidays is evolving faster than ever. Globalisation is changing and we are seeing a need for a localised approach. The pandemic has seen restrictions brought in for different locales and the complexity of these rules has meant the need for a localised approach has grown exponentially. Couple Covid-19 restrictions with cultural differences, as well as the general characteristics of supply and demand, and we are starting to see a need for a more tailored approach. is a leading international one-stop

travel service provider, available in 21 languages across 31 countries and regions. At, we have always seen the need for a localised approach Zg] maZm l par p^ aZo^ m^Zfl Zee ho^k ma^ phke] pah Zk^ ^fihp^k^] mh Z]] oZen^ makhn`a eh\Ze Zg] k^`bhgZe fZkd^m bglb`aml% ]ZmZ Zg] mk^g]l'

Hnk m^Zfl aZo^ eh\Ze k^eZmbhglabil pbma Zbkebg^

and hotel partners that enable us to be locally k^e^oZgm Zg] l^ko^ mkZo^ee^kl [^mm^k' ?hk ^qZfie^% p^ kZg [^lihd^ lnff^k \ZfiZb`gl Z\khll ]b__^k^gm European countries this year. These included: in Spain, a push for Spanish residents to travel to the bleZg]l4 bg ma^ ND% Z ]hf^lmb\ mkZo^e \ZfiZb`g% ienl hg^ _hk O?K mh Bg]bZ Zg] IZdblmZg4 Zg] bg ?kZg\^% Z lZe^l inla ]hf^lmb\Zeer% Zl p^ee Zl _h\nl^l hg Spain, Greece and Portugal for which we could l^^ ma^k^ pZl ]^fZg]' ;^bg` \ehl^ mh ma^ fZkd^m gives valuable insights and enables us to ]^m^\m g^^]l% mk^g]l Zg] hiihkmngbmb^l fn\a _Zlm^k' inml Z [b` ^fiaZlbl hg eh\Ze makhn`a

bml \nlmhf^k lniihkm' Ma^ \nlmhf^k l^kob\^ m^Zf% pbma >nkhi^Zg a^Z]jnZkm^kl bg ma^ ND% li^Zdl +* languages. also offers a wide range of ikh]n\m mh lnbm eh\Ze g^^]l' ?hk ^qZfie^% iZrf^gm f^mah]l Zk^ mZbehk^] mh ma^ eh\Ze^% pbma hnk award-winning app supporting 25 currencies, all bgm^kgZmbhgZe \k^]bm \Zk]l% Zg] bgghoZmbo^ iZrf^gm f^mah]l ln\a Zl :iie^ IZr !>nkhi^ Zg] Ghkma

:f^kb\Z"% DZdZhIZr !Lhnma Dhk^Z" Zg] b=>:E !G^ma^keZg]l"% mh gZf^ cnlm Z _^p'

?khf Z m^\agheh`r i^kli^\mbo^% p^ mZd^

Z]oZgmZ`^ h_ ^\hghfb^l h_ l\Ze^ Zg] h_ hnk `eh[Ze ]^o^ehif^gml% ln\a Zl G=<% [nm mp^Zd ma^l^ mh [^ k^e^oZgm mh eh\Ze fZkd^ml' Hnk lbm^l bg >nkhi^ Zk^ ma^ lZf^ pbma \nlmhfblZ[e^ l^mmbg`l _hk eZg`nZ`^ Zg] \nkk^g\r' ;Zl^] hg ma^l^ traveller settings, the content shown is adapted mh ma^ eh\Ze ]^fZg] h_ maZm li^\b_b\ fZkd^m'

Encouragingly, in our 21st birthday year, we

are seeing strong signs of recovery in our flights [nlbg^ll% li^\b_b\Zeer bg <abgZ% Lhnma Dhk^Z Zg] CZiZg' :g] p^ Zk^ l^^bg` ma^ ]hf^lmb\ ahm^e fZkd^m bg lhf^ iZkml h_ :lbZ aZl Zefhlm k^\ho^k^] mh ik^&iZg]^fb\ e^o^el'

We believe our focus on local is supporting this

k^\ho^kr' Bg :lbZ% _hk ^qZfie^% hnk bglb`aml m^ee nl maZm ebo^&lmk^Zfbg` lZe^l Zk^ `Zbgbg` fhf^gmnf' Ib``r[Z\dbg` hg mabl mk^g]% l bgghoZmbo^ ebo^ lmk^Zfl ?Z\^[hhd

hg ieZm_hkfl ln\a Zl RhnMn[^ Zg] h__^k ob^p^kl Z\\^ll mh _e^qb[e^ [hhdbg`

and discounted hotels. The live shows have seen bg\k^]b[e^ ln\\^ll mh ]Zm^% pbma fbeebhgl h_ mkZo^ee^kl mngbg` bg% `^g^kZmbg` lZe^l h_ ho^k +.. fbeebhg'

In Europe, we are about to launch our Partner

IhkmZe' Pbma _k^^ Z\\^ll mh eh\Ze fZkd^m l^Zk\a ]ZmZ as well as airline-specific insights, it has been developed to offer local partners access to data that will assist in decision- fZdbg` mh lniihkm recovery. We are seeing mkZo^e mk^g]l fho^ mh ]hf^lmb\ Zg] k^`bhgZe mkbil as well as VFR. Whilst news h_ Z oZ\\bg^ bl ^qmk^f^er ikhfblbg`% p^ ]h ^qi^\m ma^ ]^fZg] _hk eh\Ze mh continue into next year, therefore a local focus with local insight and support pbee [^ d^r _hk k^\ho^kr'

A>GD O:G =>K O>E=> Regional Director Southern Europe

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