Incidents of the cyber threat attack form known as ‘CEO fraud’ do not fi ll as many media headlines as big brand data breaches, but the challenge they pose is signifi cant, and senior executives should certainly understand it – especially as they personally are in the fi ring line. CEO fraud resembles phishing, but

is more sophisticated in that attackers go to greater lengths to obtain information on the

‘sender’. They

assemble genuine supportive details – logos, signatures, internal codes – that lend credibility to their bogus emails. They ‘cc’ fund transfer orders to actual colleagues using false email addresses. They’ll ask payments to be made to what appear to be known suppliers or contractors – but what are really disguised bank accounts. Some 270bn emails are sent each

day. This mass of messages provides malicious online actors with limitless scope for digital deception. Cyber criminals target any c-suite offi cer with power to authorise fi nancial payments. Many organisations don’t realise the full extent of their ‘risk surface’, and should be much more concerned about the information about them that’s available on the internet. Often victims of CEO fraud are not aware that

data valuable to fraudsters

is already ‘out there’. Companies without policies in place to govern how their staff should engage with social media surprise me. Employees at all levels – including executives – are liable to reveal information about themselves and their employer

that’s valuable to cyber-fraudsters. But a richer source of ‘intelligence’ for them is social media. That’s why it is critical to know what details of your organisation are accessible from social media sites. Few organisations have the IT resources to search the Web in real-time for this purpose. Cybersprint’s

monitoring solutions

protect your organisation by tracking emails that use your brand name or include the name of your senior

Cybersprint solutions can reduce your organisation’s ‘digital surface’, says CEO Pieter Jansen.

personnel or VIPs. They also provide a constantly-updated overview of legitimate domains and sub-domains, email activities, and social media checks. Cybersprint also provides informed guidance based on years of frontline experience safeguarding its

clients’ brand integrity and

reputations. Working in concert, our solutions vastly minimise the risk of a CEO fraud-style attack proving to be successful. Stand | Hall 10.0-423


We prevent, detect and resolve cases of brand abuse, data leaks, CEO fraud, phishing or hacking. We make invisible vulnerabilities visible. Interested? Try our free Quickscan and discover where your organisation is at risk.

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In order to protect your reputation you need to minimise cyber risks and stay in control over your organisation’s online presence. Cybersprint’s Digital Risk Monitoring platform provides continuous real-time insights into the entire online attack surface of your organisation.


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