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Children's News Summer Reading Challenge

oolers’ progress offers hope as er Reading Challenge figures falter




a sticker for each book read. If they read six books, they officially completed the chal- lenge and received a special, additional sticker. This year, 58% of participants (390,828) reached the end goal. In addition, 83,419 children joined a library as a new member, and 389,728 kids atended library events.

Hack attack

The agency again ran Reading Hack—the scheme of training young people aged 12–24 to help run the challenge, launched in 2014 thanks to funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation—and this year nearly 7,000 volunteers signed up. They are recruited from schools and youth groups, and many return year aſter year to help younger children over the summer break, said Sarrag. “They get a taste of the working

mber of children articipated in this Summer Reading ll by more than 8% t The Reading Agency ease in the number of ers who took part and ement in the boy/girl rticipants.

, 671,000 children aged 19.02.21 ISSN 0006-7539 The World class

At the heart of publishing since 1858. Author interview

explains how the annual celebration has prepared for a virtual event in March

World Book Day c.e.o. Cassie Chadderton pl

rt wthe an

Rahul Raina discusses hi Delhi-sl


na discusses his et How to Kidnap

es his

the Rich, a novel based on those cheating the school examinations system

£5.95 The bestsestseller lists Three

TCM Top re

took part in the main e, a fall of 8.2% year on me 28,074 under-fours p to the pre-school ge, up 3.19% on last year’s d a huge increase on 2013, he pre-school challenge ed with around 6,500 ipants.

ch she s. “We can’t ignore the fact t libraries are taking a huge hit m the cuts that are happening

ne Sarrag, director of the mer Reading Challenge, The Reading Agency was ly pleased” with the results year, despite the 8% decline, ch she atributed to budget the fact

0th November 2018 8.2%

Year on year fall in the overall number of participants in this year’s Summer Reading Challenge


Of participants were boys, a share up 1% on the previous year’s figure

to services across the country. A lot of budget cuts hit really hard this year and libraries are chang- ing the way they deliver services: they are using more volunteers, their opening hours are being reduced and some are moving to a self-service model,” she said. “There is less capacit in the bli library system.”

public library sy The split of those takin par i g part

A lot of budget cuts hit really hard this year and libraries are changing... Tere is less capacity in the public library system Anne Sarrag, director,

Summer Reading Challenge

in gender terms is also moving towards a more equal basis: 45% of participants in 2018 were boys, up from 44% last year, and Sarrag said this year’s theme, Mischief Makers (with the Beano), helped to get boys onside.


“Librarians adored the theme and it worked with boys, their dads and their granddads. It was Beano revamped for a new generation. The boys’ completion rate went up a few percentage points, too.” To take part in the challenge children could read any book borrowed from the library, whether that be fiction, non- fiction, poetry, picture books or audiobooks, and they received

environment and can use it as work experience, or part of their Duke of Edinburgh awards. We don’t just want bookworms and very literate people to take part, it’s for everyone.”

The agency also conducted a

survey of libraries, and 98% said they wanted to take part again in 2019. “I am genuinely touched by the enthusiasm librarians have for the challenge in difficult times,” said Sarrag. “Because they are confident about wanting to take part, they probably have funding in place.” The Reading Agency could do more to work with libraries in terms of training staff and volunteers, and wants to work more closely with schools and make sure they understand the benefits of pupils participating in the Summer Reading Challenge during the school holidays, she added.

Next year is the 20th anni-

versary of the Summer Reading Challenge and theme will be Space Chase, inspired by the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing. The agency is currently looking at opportuni- ties to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects.


 1 11 12

In memoriam Beaconsfield to honour former resident Uttley with plaque following local society campaign

Uttley didn’t like [fellow Beaconsfield B

uckinghamshire town Beaconsfield will next month unveil a plaque

dedicated to children’s author and former resident Alison Uttley. Kari Dorme of Te Beaconsfield

Society committee, who campaigned for the plaque to be installed, said she felt “very strongly” that Uttley, whose chil- dren’s books includeA Traveller in Time, Te Country Child and the Little Grey Rabbit series, had been forgotten by the town. Uttley moved to Beaconsfield in

1938 when she was 54, 11 years after the first Little Grey Rabbit title, Te Squirrel, the Hare and the Little Grey Rabbit, was published by Heinemann. Her house, Tackers, is still standing and she is buried in the grounds of Penn’s Holy Trinity CofE Church, where her headstone bears the epitaph “Spinner of Tales”. Dorme said she wanted to

celebrate Uttley partly because Te Beaconsfield Society had unveiled a plaque dedicated to another local children’s author, Enid Blyton, in 2013. Uttley didn’t like Blyton, calling her a “vulgar, curled woman”,

resident] Enid Blyton, calling her a ‘vulgar, curled woman’, but

both authors became millionaires from their books

but both authors became millionaires from their books in their lifetimes, said Dorme. “Tey were great rivals. Tey lived in Beaconsfield at the same time (1938 onwards). Enid Blyton died in 1968 and Alison, who was older, outlived her and died in 1976.” Te plaque is being paid for by

Te Beaconsfield Society and will be unveiled in the Beaconsfield Town Council garden, near Enid Blyton’s plaque, on Uttley’s birth- day: 17th December. Uttley has sold 19,152 books

through Nielsen BookScan since records began in 1998, worth £124,004 in value terms. Several of her books are still in print: A Traveller in Time is available from Puffin (the 2007 edition has sold 8,353 copies to date through the TCM), and Templar publishes the Little Grey Rabbit series.


After a lengthy and incredibly consistent run in the print charts, Adam Kay’s junior doctor memoir finally tops the pile, displacing Deliciously Elllla

Kiera O'Brien @kieraobrien

I 

n its 20th week in the chart, Adam Kay’s This is Going to Hurt leapt into the Official UK


Top 50 number one spot for the first time, selling 17,491 copies— its highest single-week volume to date. Despite its long tenure in the charts, the junior doctor memoir has kept its momentum. Its August volume was 34% higher than its June equivalent, and last week it jumped 10% week on week. Impressively, it has never dipped below 10,000 copies sold per week (bar its first three days on sale) and, since mid-July, has doggedly shiſted at least 15,000 units weekly. It’s not oſten a title has such h number

It s not

a long build-up to the number one spot, and when it does, it’s usually an of-the-moment fiction

7th September 2018

3  Elea 4  Snap 5  Origin

6  The Chalk Man 7  Life of Crime

8  Jamie Cooks Italy 9  Deliciously Ella...

11  The Fall of Gondolin 12  End Game

13  I’ll Keep You Safe 14  Sapiens

15  The Wife Between Us 16  Fairytale 17  The Break

18  The Couple Next Door 19  Last Letter Home 20  Mythos

21  Into the Water

22  Three Things About Elsie 23  The Rooster Bar

24  The Accidental Further... 25  The People vs Alex Cross 26  Surprise Me 27  Damaged

28  The Midnight Line

30  Perfect Silence 31  Normal People

Dan Brown C J Tudor



Kimberley Chambers HarperCollins 0008144760 17,305 Jamie Oliver Ella Mills

10  21 Lessons for the 21st Century Yuval Noah Harari Jonathan Cape J R R Tolkien

David Baldacci Pan Peter May

Yuval Noah Harari Vintage Hendricks & Pekkanen Pan Danielle Steel Pan Marian Keyes Penguin Shari Lapena Corgi Rachel Hore Stephen Fry

Michael Joseph 0718187736 48,789 Yellow Kite 1473639218 1787330672

26,579 8,843

HarperCollins 0008302757 7,985 1447277415 74,948 69,824

riverrun 1784294977 0099590088


1509842834 43,732 1509800575 38,006 1405918756

0552173148 508,451

Simon & Schuster 1471156960 53,628 Penguin

Paula Hawkins Black Swan Joanna Cannon Borough Press John Grisham Hodder

Jonas Jonasson Fourth Estate James Patterson Arrow Sophie Kinsella Black Swan Martina Cole Headline Lee Child

29  The World’s Worst Children 3 D Walliams & T Ross Helen Fields

32  Where the Light Gets In 33  Do Not Disturb

34  Why Mummy Swears

35  As the Sun Breaks Through 36  Munich 37  Lullaby

38  The Love Letter 39  A Mother’s Courage

40  Dog Man 5: Lord of the Fleas 41  The Tattooist of Auschwitz 42  The Greek Escape

43  The 104-Storey Treehouse 44  Murder Mile

45  A Stranger in the House 46  Nadiya’s Family Favourites 47  Homo Deus

50  Peppa’s Magical Unicorn

1405934138 1784162245 0008196943 1473616998 0008275570 1784753634 1784160432 1472201096

Bantam 0857503619 HarperCollins 0008304591 Avon

Sally Rooney Faber & Faber Lucy Dillon

Gill Sims Ellie Dean

Claire Douglas Michael Joseph HarperCollins Arrow

Robert Harris Arrow

Leila Slimani Faber & Faber Lucinda Riley Pan Dilly Court Dav Pilkey

Arrow Scholastic

Heather Morris Zaffre Pan

Karen Swan

A Griffiths & T Denton Macmillan Lynda La Plante Zaffre Shari Lapena Corgi

48  Wedding Bells for Land Girls 49  Oxford English Mini Dictionary - -

book sales through around 6,

Nadiya Hussain Michael Joseph Yuval Noah Harari Vintage Jenny Holmes Corgi OUP

Week ending 1st September 2018. Key New Up Same Down s o

Black Swan 1784162092 0718187903

214,212 45,288

152,272 28,820 65,359

125,478 123,971 295,405 274,947

0008275174 9,224 0571334643


26,063 29,916

0008284213 49,522 1784758127 1784751852 0571337545


117,701 37,540

1509825042 54,918 1784752569 0545935173 1785763649

16,989 4,122


1509838110 51,039 1509833771 11,909 1785764660

0552173155 90,400 0241348994 1784703936

Ladybird 0241353783 34,351 303,991

0552173674 6,642 0199640966 170,803 30,521

Unless otherwise stated, charts use data from Nielsen BookScan Total Consumer Market, representing print h around 6,500 retailers. Any title discounted by more than 74.5% is ineligible for inclusion.

6,758 41,994 199,452

8,811 8,729 8,386 7,808 6,849 6,421 6,173 6,148 6,144 6,095 5,979 5,956 5,773 5,716 5,649 5,588 5,457 5,423 5,260 5,247 5,184 5,165 5,115 4,902 4,847 4,615 4,468 4,240 4,177 4,137 3,998 3,788 3,515 3,507 3,498 3,458 3,457 3,447 3,443 3,437 3,435 3,432 3,427


hit that has spread by word of mouth. Emma Healey’s Elizabeth is Missing spent seven weeks in g the chart before hiting the overall number one spot in 2015, and Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train clocked up 11 weeks in the list before reaching its destination in late March 2015, displaying a similar weekly consistency to This is Going to Hurt. However, while t five months from publication to top spot probably felt

longer than a weekend A&E shiſt to Adam Kay, spare a thought for John Green: The Fault in Our Stars’ original edition, released s in January 2013, didn’t hit the summit until June 2014. This is Going to Hurt, which t also recently racked up a string of Weekly E-Book Ranking number ones, has now spent a total of 19 non- consecutive weeks as the Paperback Non-fiction leader, a run disturbed

only when Anthony McCarten’s Darkest Hour swiped the pole in r June. Since 2010, only Joe Wicks’ Lean in 15 and Millie Marota’s


colouring book Animal Kingdom have spent longer in the category chart’s top spot. Ken Follet’s A Column of Continues overleaf 

ou post by Jojo Moyes Sti the sixth new title this year to top the rank g its first week in the chart, due toEleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’s 14-week run across the spring and the “long tails” of recent hits Te Tattooist of Auschwitz and Tis is Going to Hurt. Perfect Silencesecures publisher Avon its sixth e-book number one, a total it has achieved from just two authors: Fields and Scott Mariani, who topped the inaugural weekly rank- ing back in May 2016. Below the chart’s blockbuster

triumvirate, the top 20 was flooded with new entries. Former chart- topper Ellie Dean’s As the Sun

Breaks Trough hit fifth place, with veteran authors Barbara Erskine’s Te Ghost Tree, Val McDermid’s Broken Ground and Lynda La Plante’s Murder Mile

h e Title 1  Perfect Silence 2  This is Going to Hurt

4  The Tattooist of Auschwitz 5  As the Sun Breaks Through 6  The Ghost Tree 7  Broken Ground 8  Murder Mile

9  Little Fires Everywhere 10  Origin

11  Friend Request 12  Vox

13  Pieces of Her 14  The Break

15  From Here to You

16  This Could Change Everything 17  The Guilty Dead

18  The Handmaid’s Tale 19  Sapiens

20  Why Mummy Drinks Author

Helen Fields Adam Kay

barrelling into the top 10. It book in a row to hit the ranking, and La Plante s sixth, but Erskine makes her e-book début. Her print books have sold more than a million copies in the UK through Nielsen BookScan. Christina Dalcher’s début Vox charted in 12th

place, following in the footsteps of its fellow red- and-black-jacketed speculative feminist dystopian e-book hits Margaret Atwood’s Te Handmaid’s Tale and Naomi Alderman’s Te Power. (Te former is still in the top 20, after its adaptation’s second series aired on Channel 4.) US mother-daughter team P J Tracy made their

second appearance in the Weekly E-Book Ranking, with Te Guilty Dead following on from last year’s Nothing Stays Buried.

Imprint ISBN (+978) Avon

3  Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine Gail Honeyman HarperCollins Heather Morris Zaffre Ellie Dean


Barbara Erskine HarperCollins Val McDermid Little, Brown Lynda La Plante Zaffre Celeste Ng Dan Brown

Laura Marshall Little, Brown Christina Dalcher HQ

Karin Slaughter HarperCollins Marian Keyes Michael Joseph Jamie McGuire Hachette Jill Mansell P J Tracy

Margaret Atwood Vintage Yuval Noah Harari Vintage Gill Sims

 List price

Picador 1509858644 0008172138

0008275181 £3.49 £8.99 £3.99

1785763663 £4.99 1473539815 0008195830 1408709375

Little, Brown 1408709702 Transworld

1473543348 0751568349

£3.99 £9.99 £9.99

1785764691 £8.99 £3.99 £4.99 £2.99

0008300654 £5.99 0008150846 1405918770 1538730041

Headline 1472208965 Michael Joseph

1405936040 1446485477 1448190690

£9.99 £4.99 £2.99 £3.99 £7.99 £5.99 £5.99

HarperCollins 0008237509 £3.49

Week ending 25th August 2018. Key New Up Same Down. Titles with a selling price below £2 are excluded, as are titles priced £4.50 or below with any print versions priced above £17.99. Participating publishers: PRH UK, Hachette, HarperCollins, Pan Macmillan, Bloomsbury, Simon & Schuster, Bonnier Zaffre & Canongate.

19.02.21 ISSN 0006-7539 At the heart of publishing since 1858. £5.95

26.02.21 ISSN 0006-7539 THIS WEEK

Company Spotlight Janklow & Nesbit


West London-based literary agency Janklow & Nesbit has been one of the progenitors of the ‘brainy non-fiction’ trend of recent vintage, with a number of big books and deals fromtheWill Francis-led outfit

At the heart of publishing since 1858.

Combined TCM sales of the three Janklow & Nesbit titles shortlisted for the Royal Society Science Prize

£5.95 283 3

Of the six books shortlisted for this year’s Royal Society Science Prize were titles originated through Janklow & Nesbit UK


Clients each of the four agents at the west London-based agency has, giving it a boutique feel compared itsbehemoth US

about turning something as abstract as an idea into a book. Less intellectually, it is just really fun doing big deals.”

Te special relationship Francis became a fully fledged agent when he joined Greene & Heaton in 2003, before moving over to Janklow five years later. He was named the head of the firm’s UK office in 2013. Janklow UK is a subsidiary of the massive US powerhouse, whose star-heavy list includes commercial giants (Danielle Steel, Anne Rice), literary greats (Jeffrey Eugenides, Joan Didion) and celebrities (of note recently, iels) Yet the UK side,

Company history


Corporate lawyer Janklow is asked college friend W Safire to sell hi of working in White House


Janklow b publishe Morrow takes df

that wou d erve me very well indeedi deed when the time for for it woul k re

that would s

h t would s rvemever well indee when ame along, fo

’s’ came uld also giveme an i

for it wou d also gi mean boketail opera on hi h

il operation, which

tion, which tayed


brought with it 40 new bookshopbo hatWHS had

broug ght h it 4

Shops Waterstones operates in the UK, as of September 2018

a long period of mismanagement and poor performance. Waterstone does not regret this decision, explaining that WHS’ plan fo brought with

then called Sherrat

th WHShdlaunched t r atersterstorst

ss ulll k Ag

’s o l leſt, a

WHS pHS’ plan for the chaf r the chain was respectful, and its initial offer 40new bookshops, then ca had aunche

had launched to ival Waterstone’s. ater nte stone’s early investors so eſtso le and for a number of sf lly ufu y under its then m.d. k AgreeA eement vanished and HS foHS’’ fS ortufor unes began to wane, e WdWated W erstone’s.


k co troon ol: first trying to buy st for Waterstones,

s poi ou oun from

lllons nd HMV); leading to the w h W oin

wiithWaterstone made chair, po nt that the “vulgarisa-

dindi g jjus ons an th

din on

con ng

cc rdco ding oun

rs from finan roup P miraup Perm a ne returned again in 2006.. H V takar’s. It did not work. “ ha“I h vehave d truction,” he wr tes of

e leſt the business agasines g insiness agisiness again in ffe sfromfina ce group

from Ber e leſt t

fromBertelsmann, Bord leſt the bueſt the bu ness gain n up P

from Ber l mann, B ſtthe bu

from Ber

cordio d g r


ad met aſte ier in esting hough bid d

enlisting th Russiian r inves in

00 HM wriites oes of heRuss

d., with a pl uccessfully

an thn that an that

ness for £53min ly— ro—f om—from

ded hed isis 53min


shared withMamutm t. d again toUS iiinve to Daunt still l at the elme h ays “A


aterstone s ys A to ru n

ingt ru n iit

o US n esnv stor at h hethe h m says:: “ ll oAll of ng to uiin t,

untentedted bestsebstsellers. Fubestsellers. Furth mann Borders

mann, Borde

ng to Waterstone, as it ll rs Further bids mann, Bo der

fiance group Perp Pe mir n 2006. HMV

us an vest ng

nt CV

1973 Works

198 Wate First on O


W W m


26.02.21 ISSN 0006-7539 With great care

At the heart of publishing since 1858. Cottoning on

Kirsty Capes is hoping to change the perception of those who have been in foster care with her moving first novel, Careless

Fearne Cotton reveals the thinking behind her new list, Happy Place Books, which will publish w titles through Eb

ind h e Books,

blish wellness Ebury

1858. The bestseller lists er li


Three £5.95

The great escape?

After a disastrous year for the travel publishing

business, can the sector bounce back once again? PP06–23

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