Invaluable in more ways than one, creating a big, warm community, making special spaces of calm and fun and building true places of joy and unity.

Crafting a sanctuary for readers, making us feel welcomed and connected, the greatest of book cheerleaders, while making sure no reader feels neglected, acting as publishing’s greatest aid.

Layla of Round Table, who shines a light on hidden stars,

Gavin of Gateshead, who scatters stardust with every step,

Will of Sam Read, who makes castles fly,

Tamsin of Kenilworth, who gives hedgehogs wellies,

Stephen of Page 45, who brings peace and wisdom through comics,

Fiona of Durham, who weaves togetherness,

Booksellers everywhere, who make this world wider, fuller and brighter, I thank you!

Sophie Anderson’’s lates nov l he C Magic

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Sophie Anderson s latest nove

We see the passion, hard work and creativity. The bright light of the trade. The champions of tenacity. All while managing the bookstores and making a home of more than just books and activity, by putting on events, signings, readings and tours, and welcoming us all back each time, with such festivity.

Dear Bookseller(s),

I was going to write a long ode about all the things I love about you. (You know... how you don’t roll your eyes when I ask if you’ve got that blue book with a four-word title; how you don’t mind me squealing with excitement when I see one of mine on your shelves; how you’re happy to stop and well, simply, talk about books.)

But really, I want to thank that bookseller— unfortunately, name unknown— who pressed Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking into my hands and told me, “You have to read this”.

Soon after reading it and being wowed by it, I met a man on a dating website. I wasn’t too sure about him (I’d been burned a few times), but when I asked him the last book he’d read (the best test of a prospective date), he said, The Year of Magical Thinking.

Dear Bookseller(s), that man became my husband. I thank you.

ovel The Castle of Tangledtle of Tangled Magic (Usborne) is out no

Davi ) is out now

Da na T spec

Davina TijaniTijan wr tes genr and e ulative ficti

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C re Fuller s fourt Unsettled Ground

Claire Fuller Unsettled Gr publ


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p ished in March 20212 published in March 2021 th novel,

And so I want to say thank you. Thank you for buying me an ice-cold lemonade because you could see that I needed one after driving for hours on one of the hottest days of the year. Thank you for saying my handwriting is much neater than Gary Barlow’s. Thank you for telling me to avoid the A4055 in rush hour. Thank you for making Evie your Book of the Month. Thank you for offering me a life-size cardboard cutout of Elton John (unfor- tunately I had to decline, as I had my father in the car that day and it was either him or Elton). Thank you for saying Evie is like the lovechild of Sue Townsend and Alan Bennett. Thank you for saying she’s like the lovechild of Victoria Wood and Alan Bennett. Thank you for saying I’m like Alan Bennett (at one point I worried indie booksellers read nothing other than Alan Bennett). Thank you for letting me use your loo. Thank you for inviting me to Zoom with your book club and warning me beforehand about Janet (because she tends to go on). Thank you for calling another book- shop and telling them I’m running late because we’d been chatting so much. Thank you for telling me I’d outsold a Very Famous Author’s book five to one (not Alan Bennett). Thank you for saying I look younger in real life than in the publicity photo. Thank you for letting me make a big fuss of your dog. Thank you for giving me a funny-face mini plant pot when I said how nice they were. Thank you for inviting me on your podcast. Thank you for recommending my book to practically everyone who came in your shop. Thank you for being so generous and supportive to an unknown début novelist who had no idea what he was meant to be doing. And thank you for all the cake. And for all the biscuits. And for all the delicious, enlightening, warm, glittering chat. Thank you.

M on Taylor’s début he Miseducation of E e (S&S) is out in

Matson TayloMatson Tayl r’s début The Mise

ébu éb

Epworth (S& ) is o t in paperback in April


orth ( S) i rb k in Apr

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ti of Evie )is ou in Ap il








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